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Episode 45 of Vision Is Better encourages you to look at your work, even if you have no intention of printing it this way, in Black & White. We can learn a lot about the strengths, and the weaknesses, of our work when we look at it critically without the seductive pull of colour. (RSS and email viewers, I’m sorry but there’s just no way to include the videos, you’ll have to click through to watch these in your browser. )

I didn’t post Episode 44 – Photography a la Mode (or, I Have to Go P) – to the blog, but you can see that here on the YouTube channel.

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  1. Great work! Great art! RESPECT! I was to lalibela some years ago when I was living in Ethiopia for a while and think that I should work on some of my photos as well…still shooting with Pentax k10 those days…although I always thought I should go there again… Keep on, I am going to subscribe now:-)

  2. Really nice comments David. I’m going to definitely go back and take a look at some old work to see if black and white gives me a different perspective. I’ve been following you for some time now and I love your work. I’ll be buying the second installment of within the Frame. I won’t be throwing out the first though because I think it’s important to look back to look forward. Cheers.

    1. Thank you David very interesting as my new project is to look at B & W…I know have a starting point with older images.

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