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It’s been a while since I said hello, and the last time you heard from me was probably during the chaos of the 5 Day Deal over the last week. Thanks for your patience on that. Together we raised over $200,000 for 4 excellent charities, including The Boma Project with which I am so personally involved. This sale also funds my own pro-bono work for the Boma Project so for those of you that bought the bundle through my links – thank you, I’ll be with The Boma Project again this February.

I’m in Rome now, the last stop in a 5+ week adventure in Italy. We’ve done a one week Mentor Series Workshop in both Venice and Florence and are set to begin the Rome workshop on Saturday evening. When I get home in a few weeks we’ll be announcing the Italy Mentor Series trips for 2017. I can already tell you there will be two one-week workshops in Venice and we’re still thinking about the third. Rome? Florence? Siena? Find out in November. And if you want to be among the first to know, be sure you’re on the Workshops mailing list.

So I thought I’d say hello, show you some photographs from the work I’m doing, mostly focusing on colour, shadow, and the edges of day. These are all JPGs, mostly straight out of camera, shot with the Fuji XT-2 and the Velvia film emulation. I haven’t so much as looked at the RAW files yet so if these seem a little noisy it’s because they’ve gone from the camera to the iPhone, got a tweak of two in Snapseed, and then sent to the laptop for the blog. With such beautiful light and so much great wine, there’s just no time for computer work. Enjoy!

duchemin-venice-1 duchemin-venice-2 duchemin-venice-1-3 duchemin-venice-1-2



  1. The photographs are delightful. It have a specific vibe into it that catches eyes and hearts in the meantime. I cherish how it doesn’t appear to be scripted, excessively sensational and unnatural, taking a gander at the photographs makes you have a feeling that you are really there and you’re encountering Rome like a visitor. I adore how it likewise have an element of sentiments that one can feel; joy, pity, dejection and wonderlust. I totally cherish these photographs, it doesn’t simply shout excellence to me however it requests to be felt and I believe that is the best thing about it. Great job to you!

  2. Beautiful! I love how you’ve captured the colour of light it makes me wish I could revisit my time in Venice and create more creative and atmospheric images. I am currently in week 3 of the Vision Collective and enjoying the challenge of trying to think of my photography in a more reflective, meaningful way.

  3. You’ve really captured the colors and feel of the “edges of the day.” So inspiring! I’m grateful for your work and sharing, always happy to get your email link to this page.

  4. Awesome captures, David. And congratulations to you and your team for raising such a lot of money for charity. I personally found this years option for an extra charity match a very nice feature. All the best and thanks for the inspiration.

  5. Lovely, as usual with your work David.

    How did you get the one with the leaning building?

    All of them are stellar, but truly love the misty, moonlit purple one.

    1. This is my first visit on any of David’s websites, si I don’t even know if he (ever) answers questions–like this one from you. Do you mean the motif with the WATER at the bottom? I LOVED that one, and decided it was due to PURE creative thinking, perhaps simply lowering the camera so much as to catch the small waves of water [it is well known that Venice is close to *sinking* into these lagoons / channels of water!] so THAT would be easy to do? And then just zoom in to capture the person walking there with this *sinking buildings* behind…? Would David have time to comment; am I way off base, or correct? No matter–I LOVE the unexpected and creative side of photography!! Remember “EXPERIMENT”!

      1. Thanks Karlene! The image you mention is actually Florence, but I love the interpretation. I shot very low in a puddle. What you’re seeing is the reflection in the puddle, but with the camera turned upside down. Thanks for visiting! I hope you’ll find plenty here to keep you busy. 🙂

  6. Extraordinary images, David. I’m not a travel or street photographer, but every times I see these postcards — especially from your last couple trips — I first want to getc a cup of coffee and spend the morning with them. And then I want to drop everything and run off to Italy.

  7. Hey David,

    Just beautiful work! Ah, Venice!! Fond memories there my friend. You are truly an exceptional photographer. May you continue to inspire us with your words, life and photographs!

    Godspeed David!


  8. Great place, great work. I’ve been thinking recently about making a photo trip to Italy and you made me want to go even more…

  9. I love(d) Velvia. I had the good fortune to take a color photography class at UC Berkeley extension 10 or so years ago. Our instructor had us use slide film for the entire class and that’s when I was introduced to Velvia. I also used Agfa Scala, a black & white slide film, which was also amazing.

  10. Beautiful pictures

    David I would like to contribute to the work you do with the Boma project.
    Please let me know how I can send you the money.

  11. “l’accent sur la couleur, l’ombre, et les bords de la journĂ©e”….

    Très belle sĂ©rie photos David, un gros merci Ă  toi, toujours intĂ©ressant de visualiser le quotidien dans une ville historique . J’aime beaucoup tes compositions en contre-jour et ceux aux crĂ©puscules. Les ombres et les couleurs orangĂ©es nous enveloppent , coupĂ©s par des noirs net!
    Bravo à toi, je te suis depuis quelques années et tu deviens pour moi , un mentor dans tes expériences photographiques. Merci encore
    Luc Lepage
    Saint Jean-sur-Richelieu
    Québec Canada

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