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It’s Sunday morning here in Rome and the church bells are chiming. We woke this morning to our second earthquake in a couple days; a good sign that it’s time to go home. But what an amazing 5 weeks it’s been with students and new friends, lots of amazing meals and wine, and days to wander unknown streets looking for light, lines, and moments. When I get home we’ll announce the 2017 dates and details for the Italian Mentor Series for those of you who’ve been clamouring to get in or didn’t get a spot this year.

I also wanted to mention, because I’ve had a couple questions about it, that I’m splitting some of my blogging attention between my personal blog and the Craft & Vision Blog. Right now that’s where I’m putting the articles that are how-to driven, like:

Using Contrast for Stronger Images
Starting Your Next Personal Project
Four Ways to Make Stronger Travel Photographs
Four Ways to Tell Stronger Stories

You’ll also find great articles from other Craft & Vision authors and our In Conversation series highlighting inspiring photographers and their work. Check the entire C&V blog out here.



  1. The photos are beautiful. It have a certain vibe into it that captures eyes and hearts at the same time. I love how it doesn’t seem scripted, overly-dramatic and unnatural, looking at the photos makes you feel like you are actually there and you’re experiencing Rome like a tourist. I love how it also have a dynamic of feelings that one can feel; happiness, sadness, loneliness and wonderlust. I absolutely love all of these photos, it doesn’t just scream beauty to me but it demands to be felt and I think that’s the best thing about it. Good Job to you!

  2. I really love these images, David. The vibrant colours, the deep blacks and the reflective surfaces. I also think they are playing with some early memories of me, but I don’t yet know which ones ☺️

  3. Hi David,

    Not sure if you intended it so, but these latest images from Rome and Italy feel a little introspective, a little lonely to me.


    1. Author

      Thanks, Alvin. Certainly there was an intended sense of solitude. Whether it’s read as loneliness or not is probably a little out of my control, but it pleases me that sense of introspection and solitude came through. Thank you.

  4. David,
    It was great to meet you and work with you and the other photographers at the Rome workshop. An amazing and inspiring journey.
    The photos here are great, and really capture the soul of Rome.

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