The Soul of the Camera [Signature Edition]

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**Update – As of May 25, the Signature Edition is now sold out. Thank you so much for the support.**

On or around June 15, my next book, Soul of the Camera, The Photographer’s Place in Picture-Making, will be released. I have the first copy here beside me and I haven’t been this proud of something I’ve written in a long time. One of the questions I always get is a hard one for me: how can I get a signed copy? It’s hard because short of flying to my home on Vancouver Island with a copy for me to sign for you, there’s no easy way for me to do this. I can’t beat Amazon for price or shipping, never mind the time it takes me to sign a bunch of books then ship them. But I’m really proud of this book and I want to give at least some of you a chance to get a signed copy if you want one, and still get value for the price you pay, because I have a tough time believing my signature alone is worth much. In fact the book might be worth more in the long term if you just leave it blank, but that’s up to you.

So I’ve put aside 100 copies (or I will, as soon as they arrive) and I’m going to put 2 signed prints (8×5) inside the book, sign and number the books themselves, and include a PDF copy of the book, which I will email to you on June 15, so you’ve got it to read on the bus or plane without lugging this beautiful hardback everywhere you go, and I’ll include shipping.

The cost of the Signature Edition is USD$100, shipping included. There’s only 100, so if you want one, this is that chance.

Download the Sample Chapters

Want to take a look at the book? Here’s a download link to a couple sample chapters for the book. Even if you decide to just pre-order the book on Amazon (it’s $24.25), I’d love you to take a look at what’s coming, and to share my excitement.

Get Your Signature Edition Now

Click this link and it’ll take you to the right shelf on Craft & Vision Store. Once you purchase you’ll get a confirmation email almost immediately and we’ll sign and send the book as soon as we can, but that’ll be close to June 15. At the same time (June 15) we’ll send the PDF copy of the book, ready to be loaded on your laptop, iPhone, or tablet.

Here’s What Others Have Said

“The Soul of The Camera inspires the artist through compelling writing, impactful imagery, and reference-friendly bits of wisdom placed throughout the book. David is highly quotable throughout, but he is also highly thought-provoking. Loved this book.” ~ Tamara Lackey

“David nails what is often elusive – the ‘certain something’ that some images have that others simply lack – not only through his images but through his understanding of photographic, artistic and personal craft. This book is an intimate look into the workings of someone who puts tremendous soul into his work, but it is also a guidebook, written ever-so-poetically, about the pivotal role the artist plays in what an image says and does to the person viewing it. I recommend anyone, even outside of traditional artistic crafts, read this book to put the soul back into your work and life.” ~ Brooke Shaden

“David duChemin understands an important truth about photography; as photographers, what shapes our craft is how we see the world as humans, not the equipment we use or the situations we find ourselves in. The soul of the camera resides within our humanity, and duChemin does an amazing job of communicating how to access it.” ~ Paul Nicklen, National Geographic Photographer

“If you want to get in touch with the inner game of photography, you can do no better than to read The Soul of the Camera. David duChemin, photography’s Thomas Moore, puts soul into everything he does; never more so than in this book.” ~ John Paul Caponigro


Get one of 100 Signature Editions of The Soul of The Camera, The Place of the Photographer In Picture-Making


  1. Hi David just bought yr book the soul of the camera … very inspiring thoughts ESP in today’s gadget and pixel fixated world.

    I am the founder of monogramasia ( check out our website ) a photography platform that does photo events , promote international and Asia artist , photo tours , curated books etc

    If you are open I would like to invite you to do a lecture / workshop in Asia …

  2. David, I ordered it on the first day. Didn’t want to wait overnight to find out that they are all sold out overnight! Also the signed print were just as tempting as the book itself. Are we able to choose which prints I’d like or are the preselected?

    1. Author

      Namaste, Arshdeep. Thank you! The prints are all the same. I’ll be signing them all tomorrow and slipping them into the books. The books should start shipping in a week or so. Thanks for your support!

  3. I just completed reading your book “Within the Frame” (that I have had in my photo library for a bit). Your book really spoke to me, opening my eyes, offering useful insight into making my images speak through emotion and that universal language that connects (resonates) with the viewer. I am excited to see where this refreshing information takes me in my photographic journey.?✈️

    1. Author

      Thank you, Nancy. I’m so glad the book spoke to you! Safe travels!

  4. Love what John Paul Caponigro says about you… “photography’s Thomas Moore.” Quite fitting I think. Great good luck with you new publication. (not that you will need it. 😉 ) I will download the sample chapters and check it out.

  5. David-I started to read but then I didn’t want to ruin the magic that I’ll hopefully be getting in the mail soon (yea!!!) as I did preorder – would love to have the budget for a signed one but I’d rather save to maybe go meet ya in person one day instead 🙂 I can’t wait to get the book!!! I seldom treat myself to fun goodies so this is gonna be fun to get a present to me 🙂 in the mail!! The little bit I did read before deciding to stop and wait what good and I just LOVE your honesty!!! Photographers never seem to tell the truth to people like me just starting to learn that sometimes you can take a ton of photos and not be happy with their soul! The photos I put on my blog aren’t ones I think are good but they convey the point of things to do in my area of the world. I save the ones I am more “happy” with to my portfolio on my blog but one day soon I hope to be just as disappointed with those too 🙂 :). It’ VERY helpful to know even experts take that many pix they arent happy with (not that I want that for you or anyone of course) but makes it less discouraging to a newbie 🙂

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