Postcards from the Maasai Mara

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I left home just over 25 days ago now and am so thoroughly relaxed I think I’m ruined for life back in “the real world” when I return in a few days. I woke this morning to the sounds of birds and frogs and a troop of baboons loudly expressing their displeasure at a nearby leopard. Not a bad way to begin the day.

Here are a few images from the last couple weeks – I’ve shot about 9000 frames and have barely had a moment to ingest them, and back them up, let alone look at them, but a couple jumped out at me this morning so I thought I’d share some of the magic with you. This is my favourite part of what I do: not the photography, really, but seeing the wonder on the faces of clients and friends as they encounter this place and these fantastic beasts for the first time. Seeing a big cat stare into your soul, or feeling the ground shake when a couple hundred Cape Buffalo stampede at sunset (while you’re lying on your belly photographing them) just never gets old.


  1. Sublimes photos
    Merci de partager un peu de votre voyage
    Continuez à nous faire rêver

  2. Those silhouettes are gorgeous.
    Leopards have to be my favourite of the big cats, so your photograph here really makes me want to go see them in the wild. Maybe one day I might get to cross that off the bucket list.
    Have a safe journey home. Hope the acclimatisation back to “normal” isn’t too harsh.

  3. Just love that last magical frame with the clean silhouettes… no overlap… I am wondering how long you waited for that. A beautiful, evocative photograph.

  4. great series David, will have to join you in the Mara one of these days, safe travels home.

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