The Same River Twice

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Everything changes, including we ourselves. Failure to recognize this essential impermanence, even to celebrate it, is a missed opportunity to live life as it is, not as we wish it could be, and to cope with change and uncertainty creatively rather than fearfully. Let’s talk about it.

I’ve decided to begin posting my weekly podcast here to my blog, as well as the other platforms, just to make it easy to get to everything I make in one place. You can still get it at or on iTunes, Spotify, and the usual other suspects.

You can also download the mp3 file here and you can read the transcript here.

One of the reasons I am doing this is there is no way to leave comments through the other platforms, but you can do so here. In the coming months I’ll be less and less on social media. It might be a permanent move away from the world of Facebook and Instagram, it might not, but I want to be sure I remain available and that our conversations continue.

Want to be told when new episodes are live and ready for you? I’ll send you a very brief email to let you know it’s there. I’ll also send you every issue of On The Make, which comes out every 4 weeks when the podcast isn’t airing. Just click here and let me know where to send it.


  1. Hi David,

    Your work and your words are so inspiring. When I find myself in a rut or spinning my wheels I turn to one of your books or travelogues to get motivated again. When I am about to visit a place I review any stories or images you may have on the subject for ideas. You set a high standard with your work.
    Thank you.
    Wiebe Gortmaker

    1. Wiebe,

      An old voice from the past here; Jeff c. 1969; you and Jim Sharp were two I knew who were into flying light aircraft. Do you still fly? I met your wife at an art show at Chautauqua a number of years ago; I was hoping we could communicate sometime and still have hope to do so.

  2. Im hearing you David ! Sometimes words seem staccato and sharp no matter how eloquently put. Pictures are more of a waltz for the senses, words being more the tap dance . Having wisdom when to choose how to communicate is part of your hallmark as a photographer always refreshingly honest ,thank you for being so encouraging !

  3. Hello David,
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts. This podcast struck many chords with me. I have an on-going project of photographing from my kayak while out in different creeks near my hometown. Every outing is a new experience and brings new opportunities despite my preconceived thoughts or feelings. There’s not a lot I can control out there and I have learned to find joy in what nature has to offer. I also write haiku while out kayaking and hope to pair the photographs with the writings. Viewing the world from the seat of a kayak puts many things into perspective. My father-in-law built the boat for me and I savor this special boat, the special waters, and the special moments.
    Thanks again for renewing my interest in this project.
    With much gratitude,
    Dan Kehlenbach

    1. Author

      Thanks for that, Dan. Your project sounds fantastic. My family had for several years a kayak that my father built in our backyard. I’ve got such good memories of time in that wonderful craft and the waters of Algonquin Park. Thanks for taking a moment to reach out, it means the world to me.

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