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Jan 31st


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Postcard & Wallpapers from Kenya

A very quick and overdue hello from Nairobi. Spent the last week with an amazing group of people and now I’m back in Nairobi and turning around very quickly with a 6am drive up North tomorrow. No rest for the wicked, I suppose. So click on the image above and you should get this month’s wallpaper in the small size, click HERE and get the large one.

And here are the postcards I’ve been wishing I could send out. Sorry for my absence but man it’s good to be back online if only for a moment. From this point on I’m gone north for at least 12 days, and it’s going to be very rustic. I’ll be lucky to get accomodations that are anything more than a hut, so there’s no chance of seeing me online. Still enjoy the views here, I’ll see you when I’m back in Nairobi.

Jan 17th


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New eBook – Darwin Wiggett’s WINTER

I’ve been trying to get into one of Darwin Wiggett’s workshops for a few years now, and the timing just doesn’t seem to pan out. I love Darwin’s work and his experience and talent in the area of landscapes, especially winter landscapes, absolutely captivates me. So when we started talking about the possibility of an […]

Jan 14th


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Jessie – An Update

Roadside with Dr. House and an ailing Jessie Today was meant to be a road-trip to Seattle to check in with Best Buy and REI and grab something amazing for lunch at Pike Place. And ya know what, we almost made it there. I had such high hopes. And when I say almost made it […]

Jan 14th


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LIVEBOOKS Winner and 20% Discount

What a week. I’m shocked at how much time the coming adventures are taking. I’ve now got some loose plans in terms of where I will be and when, and I’ll get more details out in due time, perhaps once Jessie’s had her mods done and the roof tent installed. I’ve also got a Think […]

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