September Desktop Wallpaper

In Wallpapers by David

September’s almost here and there are changes afoot. The website’s completely new and with those changes I wanted to give you something new for your desktop, something I’ve not shown anyone. So I revisited my images from the trip I took with Jessie, my Land Rover, last year. Oh those were fun times. You know, back when they were still letting me into the country to photograph and explore. Anyways, I found this one from Pacific City, one of my favorite spots to eat, drink a good beer, and make photographs. Forget Cannon Beach, give me Pacific City any day. I remember looking over the edge and thinking how much it would suck to fall over… This, by the way, is why I re-visit images for another edit once in a while. Somehow this image escaped my notice the first and second (and third?) time around. I’m glad I gave it another chance. I’ll do a post about the digital darkroom work on this one tomorrow.

As for the website, we’ve tried to create something that’s easy for everyone and plays nicely with mobile platforms. We’ll be tweaking bits and pieces as the days move along, but I hope you’ll take a few moments to poke around.

Click the image above to download a 2560 x 1600 version of this image for your desktop. Enjoy!

Huge thanks and props to Dave Seeram for the hard work on the re-design and functionality of this site. I’m grateful, DS, thank you!