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One evening in Camogli, Italy. Just my Fuji XE-1, a Lee Big Stopper and 3-Stop Grad on a tripod pointing at the horizon.  14mm @ f/11. 210 seconds. ISO 250. No significant adjustments in the digital darkroom. Just amazing light on amazing water.

This is a downloadable desktop wallpaper and should look great on anything up to 30 inches. Enjoy. Yesterday I posted a small series of photographs from Italy, if you missed them you can see them here.


  1. Maggy

    Really stunning photo, so calm and serene. It will make a beautiful wallpaper… and inspire me to turn off the computer and head for the sea :) Thank you very much!

    1. David duChemin

      Click the image and it should go much larger, but not knowing your tablet it would be hard for me to know how to save this to your tablet.

      1. Bob Dart

        On an Android tablet, touch and hold the image. . A menu will pop up. You can choose to either save or set as wallpaper. Great image David

  2. Sandy Silva

    so truly lovely, peaceful, quiet like a lullaby….really speaks to me David….:)

    1. Author

      Too many to mention, Marcin, but I look at the failures as sketches – they are the grease that gets me to the ones that work.

  3. Jeff fielding

    I can see, smell and hear this scene in my head. Of course, in my head I’m clutching a negroni, triggering my camera from 10 feet away with a remote. :)

    1. David duChemin

      It’s like you were there right beside me, only I was drinking something other than negroni. Evil stuff, that. Tried to kill me once. :-)

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