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Jun 28th


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Q&A on F&B

Last week I had a great interview with Jeffrey Saddoris from the Faded & Blurred community. I do a lot of interviews, many of which kind of ask the same old questions. This is not that interview. The Faded & Blurred community is a great place filled with some super people. If it’s been a while since your teeth were set on edge by nails on a chalkboard or you’re missing the sultry but nasal sound of my voice, you’re in luck! That interview is live now and you can check it out HERE.

Jun 19th


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Oh Snap!

Monterosso, Italy. 2010. Photo credit: Jeffrey Chapman. I feel a rant coming on. I can already hear people rolling their eyes on this one, but hear me out. This morning I made a quick tweet about a pet peeve of mine and got an interesting array of responses. Clearly 140 characters on Twitter is not […]

Jun 2nd


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Begin. Again.

San Frutuosso, Liguria, Italy, 2010. Had to strip down to my boxers to get this one. Monday’s post seemed to strike a chord. Perhaps because y’all were so surprised to read a post that had nothing to do with books So, harnessing that momentum I want to make some suggestions for those who are suddenly […]

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