Aug 7th


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Gobi Impressions

Gobi Impressions, Triptych. Mongolia, 2012.

A triptych made of images shot during my recent time in the Gobi desert. Handheld at low shutter speeds, I moved the camera back and forth to create a series of impressions. My friend Wendy does a lot of work like this and the art she creates continually blows me away and often creates in me an experience far more powerful than any of the more literal photographs I’ve seen or made. Click the image to see it larger.

Aug 3rd


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Mongolia Snapshots

The ubiquitous UAZ, the Russian 4×4 vans you see everywhere in Mongolia. I want one of these so bad I can almost taste it. A few more snapshots from the Hasselblad in Mongolia: Self portrait. Mongolia, 2012. I walked past this thing (below) several times before I really saw it, stopped dead in my tracks […]