Sep 14th


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A quick hello from Inuvik, NWT, at the end of the Demspter Highway.

Having an amazing time chasing the adventure and looking for beauty, which is easy to find up here. Harder to photograph, but oh! The Light! The sun describes a long low arc all day and when it’s free from the gauze of cloud, it shines warm and hot on the bands of yellow and ochre formed by the scrub and aspens. I’ve seen Humback whales (on the 15-hour ferry up the Inside Passage), black bears, grizzly bear, an arctic fox, and endless beauty. We crossed into the Northwest Territories in a blizzard, fitting weather to cross into the last piece of my childhood Canada that I’d still not visited. A number of years back the NWT got split into two territories and I’ve now got Nunavit to visit too, but when I was a kid studying the maps and dreaming about travel and exploration, this was the one place that most captivated me. Might have been the license plates in the shape of polar bears.

Speaking of vehicles, Emily (my Jeep) took a stray bullet as I drove down the Dempster Highway. She’s licking her wounds, which I’ve patched with superglue and duct tape from my medical kit, but we’ll stop in Whitehorse on the way home to get a new windshield. All part of the adventure. :-)

At the border of the Yukon and Northwest Territories.

Camped on the north side of Tombstone Territorial Park, YT.

Aug 21st


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Heading North

ARCTIC CIRCLE TRIP On September 05 I head to Vancouver Island to pick up my friend Al Smith and his Jeep. Together the 4 of us (two guys, two Jeeps) head up to the far north of Vancouver Island to Port Hardy. From there we catch the ferry to Prince Rupert and drive north towards […]

Aug 8th


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Gobi Impressions II

Gobi Impressions, Triptych II. Mongolia, 2012. Yesterday I posted the first of these, all taken with my big-boy camera, the Nikon D3s. These three I shot with my iPhone while driving, using an app called Slow Shutter, which for I think $0.99 has given me more fun and creative pleasure than all my other apps, […]

Aug 7th


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Gobi Impressions

Gobi Impressions, Triptych. Mongolia, 2012. A triptych made of images shot during my recent time in the Gobi desert. Handheld at low shutter speeds, I moved the camera back and forth to create a series of impressions. My friend Wendy does a lot of work like this and the art she creates continually blows me […]