May 25th


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Objects of Beauty, 1.

Blundstone 063 boots, Sandstorm Safari Duffle

This is the beginning of a new project for me. A friend once commented that we (I think he meant me) mark our lives by the things we acquire. I think that’s less true than that we have an interesting relationship to those things. They help tell our story.

The boots above, for example, have been to 7 continents with me. They were on my feet when I fell from the wall in Italy and were subsequently pulled off (very painfully) my broken feet in the ER of the hospital in Pisa. They were on my feet when, a week before, I met my girl and began falling in love. They have gone through a lot with me. Next week I’ll be looking for another pair, my 3rd set of Blunnies in 7 years, so I can start wearing them in now. Mine feel so worn in now, they’re like slippers. I walk the world in them, I unfairly abuse them, and I wouldn’t wear anything else. They’re rugged, slip off easily at airports, shrines, and mosques, and with a polish they look like a million bucks. Almost every photograph I’ve ever made was made standing in, or near, my Blundstones.

The bag I bought this year in Kenya while on safari, just en route to Zanzibar. It’s a beautiful, soft canvas, trimmed with supple leather, and made in Kenya by Sandstorm.

Once in a while I’ll post one of these. Most of them will be travel related. All of them will be objects I love for the perfection of form, function, and memories, I see in them. I suspect by the end of the series you’ll know a little more about me, because I think the objects we deem beautiful, and the stories that make them so, say something significant about us.

May 13th


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Leaving Venice

The sun setting over Piazza San Marco, Venice. 2012 I dragged my bags across the cobbles of Venice just after 4am yesterday morning, the wheels bumping and echoing, exaggerating the surreal emptiness of the place. Just Venice and I, which is how goodbyes should be. Around the corner a taxi waited for me, a long, […]

May 7th


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Postcard From Venice

Venice, Italy, 2012 Good morning from Venice. We’re now two days into this year’s Venice Within The Frame and it is so good to be back here. Venice is a mixed bag. People either love it or hate it. I both love it and hate it. I love the light, the architecture, the possibilities. I […]

May 1st


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Postcard from Monterosso al Mare

Monterosso al Mare, Italy, 2012 Hello from the Italian Riviera and the lovely seaside town of Monterosso al Mare. This town is special to me; I fell in love here last year, not with the town so much as a beautiful woman. We’ve spent the last year traveling much of the world together, sharing some […]

Apr 26th


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Postcards from Sweden

I’m just wrapping up an amazing week in Sweden. Spent part of it pubbing and exploring Stockholm, which is an incredible city, and so easy to travel. It’s got great public transport, and it’s small, and extremely friendly. English is so widely spoken I never once had that familiar dread of knowing I needed to […]