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May 30th


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WTF Giveaway Winners


5 years ago this month, Within The Frame was published. This month we’re celebrating with a couple giveaways announced earlier. So we dusted off the Randomizer today and pulled two names from the digital hat. The first is the winner of the beautiful signed, leather-bound, edition of Within The Frame (pictured above). The second is the winner of a folio of signed prints from the book. I got carried away, so I think there’s a couple extras in there. So skipping the usual drum rolls, those winners are:

Jim Denham, we’ll be putting the leather-bound copy of Within The Frame into the mail for you. I hope you get many more years of pleasure from it.

June Pryor, we’ll be putting the print folio into the mail for you. I hope they find a place in your home to inspire you.

Thanks again to every one of you that read the book, fell in love with it, and through it fell more in love with this world and the art of photography. I’m ever in your debt.

May 8th


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Making Within The Frame

The original cover concept I sent the publisher. I’m glad they over-ruled me. Six years ago, I got a phone call from a publisher asking me to write a book. The original author had bailed due to health issues, and they wanted to know if I was interested. I wasn’t, but it got my foot […]

May 6th


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Within The Frame Giveaway: Deluxe Edition

Last month I walked into a bindery with two copies of Within The Frame (which is 5 years old this month!) and asked them to make a very special edition of this book. I just picked them up and they’re gorgeous! Custom bound in rich brown goat leather, with black end papers, and silver embossing, […]

May 1st


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Within The Frame: 5 Years

Never underestimate the power of one decision, one conversation, one risk taken, to completely change the course of your life. 5 years ago this month Within The Frame, my first book, rolled off the presses and into the hands of what would be way more people than I ever imagined. In that time Within The […]

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