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Death Valley Migration

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Nikon D3s. 1.0s @ f/4.5. ISO 200. 24mm (24mm Tilt-Shift) – Readers of this article on RSS or email can view the image here.  It’s not easy getting to the Racetrack Playa in California’s Death Valley. I arrived after a couple bone-jarring hours in my Land Rover Defender, just in time to do some scouting, set up camp, and grab …

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Receptive & Observant

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 There’s something magic about the light in Italy, even at it’s highest and hottest it seems beautiful and the shadows it creates seem to have a life of their own, like Peter Pan’s shadow, which is what I thought about when I made this, but I’m getting ahead of myself. I was in Italy again for a workshop of sorts, …

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Collaborations & Connections

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Old Delhi, India, is one of my favourite places to wander with a camera. It’s a sensually overwhelming place, busy with people and motorcycles, the honking of horns and calls to prayer, the air rich with the too-fragrant smells of thousands of humans, chai stalls, and spice markets. It’s alive and vital and, for the most part, incredibly welcoming to …

Oaxaca Within The Frame

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Join Jeffrey Chapman and I in Oaxaca, Mexico for a one-week photographic adventure a little closer to home than the workshops I’ve done until now. Focused on the Day of the Dead festivities, this workshop will sell out quickly. We usually sell-out within a day or two, and most of our workshops are much further away, so this one will …

A Somewhat Foggy Ethiopian Meditation

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I wrote this earlier this year to stave off the insanity of jet-lag one night while on a particularly challenging assignment in Ethiopia. It’s a little stream-of-consciousness and I offer it for what it is. In my defence, my mind was a little foggy from the jet-lag. If you’re looking for wisdom, move along – nothing to see here. The …

Without The Frame: Sherpur

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I shot these (click to enlarge) over an early breakfast while on assignment in Bangladesh recently. Our breakfast joint was no more than a hole in the wall off the main street, we’d go in at dawn, somewhere between the rising volume of the morning call to prayer and the sun coming up hot and fast. Halfway through our first …

Without The Frame: Biratnagar

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Biratnagar, Nepal. 2008 This was one of those important days. The ones you remember forever. It was one of those days that give you an abiding sense of hope. It was also one of those days you work really hard – the heat and humidity had soaked through all my clothes, I had chemical burns on a finger and thumb …

Without The Frame, XI

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Some photographs you just love for the stories that surround them and not merely for the ones within the frame. This is one of those. It was taken in Douz, Tunisia, on the northern edge of the Sahara. It was taken in the midst of some frustration; my expectations had once again got in the way of my seeing things …

Without The Frame, X

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Northern Ethiopia, January 2006 I’m tempted to tell you this photograph has nearly nothing to do with me. It was shot, one of three frames, from the window of our beat-up Land Cruiser without slowing down. I saw the scene, knew there was no way I could get it, but tried all the same because I’m sometimes stubborn that way. …