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Feb 20th


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Pilgrimage at Lalibela


I’ve just posted a new portfolio and thought I’d invite you to take a look. My first trip to Ethiopia was in 2006, a month-long road trip that blew my mind, and no place more so than Lalibela. I’ve returned to Ethiopia 6 times now, and to Lalibela three times, and each time it completely captured my imagination. What other places can you go to on this planet with such history, and still so living and active? It’s changing, of course, everything does; in 2006 there weren’t the large UNESCO shelters built to preserve the rock-hewn churches. You see those right away and for me they’re a sad reality. The omnipresence of mobile phones blew me away this year. Some of the pilgrims walked for weeks or months to get there, other piled on buses from the other side of the country, and others still flew up from Addis, took a lot of iPhone selfies, and flew home. Strange. But even in all the change, the place retains a holiness about it, an otherness about it, if you’re willing to sit still with an open heart and open eyes – and I long to go back to. You can see that expanded portfolio if you follow this link. I hope you see in these images some of the mystery and beauty I see there.

If you’ve always wanted to go, Jeffrey Chapman, my friend and partner in crime on two of these journeys, is taking a group back next January, and you can get more information here. Don’t wait long, this is one of those places you want to go to before it gets forever changed by market forces and tourist dollars. I won’t be there – I’ll be in Hokkaido freezing my arse off while you guys are drinking some of the best coffee of your lives in a place that feels 2000 years back in time. But if you want to go, get on it, this year’s trip sold out quickly.

Take me to the Pilgrimage At Lalibela portfolio.

PS – Many of you know I was in surgery yesterday. They pulled some hardware out and fused one of the ankle joints. The surgery went well and I’m now home and grateful for the emails and comments, etc. Thank you too for the prayers and good wishes and healing mojo – all very much appreciated. With any luck this will be the last of it for a while to come.

Feb 10th


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The newest issue of PHOTOGRAPH—a digital quarterly magazine for creative photographers—is hot off the virtual press and our team’s created another really great issue. Issue 6 includes three portfolios and Q+As—this time from Hal Eastman, Scott Rinchenberger, and Nathan Wirth, all of them full of some breathtaking photography and really thoughtful interviews about why and […]

Feb 4th


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Diving in Zanzibar

After two weeks in Zanzibar at the end of what’ll be almost 6 weeks in East Africa, we’re packing up to head home. From beginning to end it’s been the trip of dreams. My time in Lalibela, Ethiopia, was like traveling back in time. Safari with Cynthia and my mother was a trip of a […]

Jan 30th


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In the Zone

In my last posts I talked about my reactions to working with both my Fuji XE-1 and Leica M, and I mentioned zone focusing. For those for whom the idea of zone focusing is new I wanted to explain it a little. It’s an old technique but it’s simple and reliable. My biggest concern with […]