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Sep 12th


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Yukon Ablaze

20130902-untitled-3734 20130902-untitled-3772 20130901-Yukon-2013-3140 20130901-Yukon-2013-3110 20130901-Yukon-2013-3100 20130901-Yukon-2013-3068 20130901-Yukon-2013-3033 20130905-Yukon-6609 20130905-Yukon-6587 20130905-Yukon-6569 20130905-Yukon-6544 20130905-Yukon-6537 20130904-Yukon-6118-Edit 20130904-Yukon-6012 20130903-Yukon-4692 20130903-Yukon-4668 20130829-Yukon-2013-2372 20130829-Yukon-2013-2257 20130829-Yukon-2013-2068 20130829-Yukon-2013-2067 20130829-Yukon-2013-2461 20130829-Yukon-2013-2301

Here is a small body of work that I brought home from the Yukon, before cutting my trip short with an axe to the leg*, which has proved not to be one of my better ideas. When I headed north last year I was blown away by the colour, even though we’d missed its peak by a good week. This week we went earlier, hit the colours perfectly and just didn’t get the time I wanted there before we turned around and headed south. A 9200km round-trip, we saw an incredible amount of wildlife, camped in some beautiful places, and had a truly epic adventure. The colours hit me this year like flame, and from the beginning I tried to work with a flame-like colour palette and experiment with intentional camera movement to better express that in some of the photographs. Next year I plan to be driving across Canada for a couple months in the fall, so I’ll add to this with the maples in the east as they too turn blaze red before settling in, bare-branched, for the winter. And then I suspect you won’t be able to hold me back from the Yukon in early September the year after that.

Click the first thumbnail and it’ll enlarge. From there you can scroll through the larger images to see the whole collection.

Earlier this week we released The Visual Toolbox, 50 Lessons for Stronger Photographs, my most recent book. It’s the lessons I wish I’d learned and applied myself to when I was much younger, instead of becoming so side-tracked by gimmicks and gear. Until midnight PST on September 17, you can save $3 and get it for only $17. The Visual Toolbox is a 200 page, downloadable PDF eBook. For more information, see this post.

* I’ll tell you about the accident on Monday. I’ve got  a post all ready to go.

Sep 9th


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The Visual Toolbox

Something about making photographs makes sense to me. It has since I was fourteen. I love photographs, and making them, more now than I ever have. Learning this craft, and creating this art, is one of my great joys. Teaching it, too. I’ve thought often about what it would look like to open a photography […]

Sep 7th


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September Desktop Wallpaper

Fresh off the Dempster Highway, in Canada’s Yukon, a couple days ago, Tombstone park ablaze with colour, here’s something for everyone in the northern hemisphere about to enjoy autumn, and for those in the south for whom it’s a ways away. The image above will take you to a full-sized desktop wallpaper – enjoy!  

Aug 30th


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Postcards from the Yukon

Sitting beside Kluane Lake, near Destruction Bay, the water an almost-perfect mirror. To the south the mountains and Mount Logan, Canada’s highest peak. I’m in the Yukon for almost a month, including the time it’s taken to get here and will take to get home. I’m here, with my girl, Cynthia, and my Jeep, Emily, […]