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About the Image, Episode 11.


The latest episode of About the Image just went live – this time it’s a 12-minute discussion about cropping and aspect ratios, among other things, using a seascape submitted by Josh Riggs. You can find the video podcast, free, here on the Craft & Vision website – or you can subscribe via the RSS feed from Vimeo – via this link.

I hope you find something in these bi-weekly videos that strengthens your work and gives you new ideas. Enjoy!

Mar 13th


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Uinta Adventure Pack

This is the new Uinta Adventure Pack from Gura Gear. I’m a big fan of their bags and have been using them for the last 4 years as my work has transitioned to more landscapes and outdoor adventure work. As that transition has occurred, the things I want in a bag have also changed. My […]

Mar 10th


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Striking Landscapes

Today we’re releasing Martin Bailey’s latest eBook – Striking Landscapes, Techniques for Photographers in Beautiful Places. It’s big (80 pages) and beautiful, and like anything Martin does, it digs into some of the nitty gritty stuff – usually the same kind of stuff I go to Martin for help on because as hard as I […]