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Mar 23rd


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New HQ: A Quick Peak

A couple quick shots from the new Galactic Headquarters for both Pixelated Image Communications and Craft & Vision. A small loft in Vancouver’s Yaletown, and just big enough to call home when I’m not traveling and for Corwin and the rest of my team to make use of as an office. This has to be one of the best parts of being home in Vancouver; the chance to set up a live/work space I’ve always dreamed of.

Was meant to be camping on Vancouver Island this week, but a brief, unscheduled, visit to the hospital due to gallstones kept me at home (seriously, can I be done with this kind of thing for a little while, please?) I Tweeted and Facebooked this information, and for all of you that replied with yet another kind round of your sympathy, prayers, and thoughts – thank you.

It’s good to be home. I should have all the documents I need for the U.S. customs people soon, and then it’s off to Switzerland for a couple days of lectures, Stockholm for a week, and then Italy for two weeks of Within The Frame Photographic Adventures, before coming home, hopping into Emily, and heading to Arizona for the Overland Expo.

Mar 22nd


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Learning from Snow Monkeys

Photograph by Martin Bailey. Next February I’m doing a workshop in Hokkaido, Japan. And by “doing a workshop,” I don’t mean I am teaching or leading one. I’m taking one. Photography is a journey and there is no discipline or teacher from whom we can not learn something. Last year I went to Antarctica with […]

Mar 21st


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Portraits: Some Questions Answered.

Old Havana, Cuba, 2009 I got some questions after we released the latest eBook, Forget Mugshots, 10 Steps to Better Portraits, that I thought I’d answer here. Some of this stuff was answered in Within The Frame, The Journey of Photographic Vision, but I don’t expect everyone to have read that, so here’s some additional […]

Mar 12th


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Forget Mugshots, Make Stronger Portraits

Someone recently referred to me as their “favourite Canadian landscape photographer.” It made me laugh. How did this happen? I make portraits, don’t I? I mean, landscape photographers are nuts. They carry too much gear, use tripods so large you’d think they might be compensating for something, and they’re known for keeping strange hours. I […]

Mar 12th


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Images shot for, and property of, Save The Children. Ethiopia, 2009. Tomorrow we release Forget Mugshots, 10 Steps to Better Portraits. While I was writing it I spent a lot of time thinking about my favourite portraits. Many of those were shot for clients, and I’m limited in how I show them, so they can’t […]