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Feb 21st


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Postcards from The Cabot Trail, NS

An amazing day on the Cabot Trail around the northern chunk of Nova Scotia’s Cape Breton island. I’ve driven the Cabot Trail before, but only in late summer and this time it was almost empty, and made all the more beautiful by a fresh fall of snow, in parts blown on the trees so completely that the whole thing looked like something from a fairy-tale. Amazing. We drove, pulled over plenty, and made lots of photographs, many of them on snowshoe, and the rest of them hip-deep in snow. Had an absolute blast, though the campgrounds we were directed to were closed, forcing us into another motel, which isn’t all bad because I forgot to bring my 20L water bottle in from the truck and it’s now a 20L block of ice, so dinner would have taken a little more work. :-)

Feb 20th


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Postcard from Antigonish, NS

Coastal Nova Scotia. A quick hello from a very snowy east coast of Nova Scotia. We’re in Antigonish tonight and tomorrow head for Cape Breton. So far I think we’re the only tourists in the entire province. Everything is closed and it’s been nearly impossible to track down a lobster dinner. It’ll be even harder […]

Feb 19th


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Postcard from Peggy’s Cove, NS

Peggy’s Cove, Nova Scotia Since you last heard from me I’ve had a chance to take all the new information in, and figure out my new plan since I can’t – until I can prove I’ve got an “unrelinquished address” – travel through the USA as I had planned. The issue is not that I […]

Feb 17th


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Quebec City, 2012. After an amazing night in Quebec City, wandering around in the fog and snow, we drove to New Brunswick and then to Maine. And when I say we drove to Maine, I do not mean we drove into Maine. We tried. But after 5 hours of questioning, an extensive vehicle search, and […]

Feb 16th


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New eBook: Exposure for Outdoor Photography

This morning we released Michael Frye’s second book for Craft & Vision: Exposure for Outdoor Photography. Michael, as many of you know, is an accomplished outdoor and landscape photographer, he knows his craft, and he’s an excellent teacher. So when he asked if a book about exposure would be helpful, I didn’t wait a second […]