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Feb 16th


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New eBook: Exposure for Outdoor Photography

This morning we released Michael Frye’s second book for Craft & Vision: Exposure for Outdoor Photography. Michael, as many of you know, is an accomplished outdoor and landscape photographer, he knows his craft, and he’s an excellent teacher. So when he asked if a book about exposure would be helpful, I didn’t wait a second to reply. The questions I am most asked, on a technical level, are about exposure, and what I love about the way Michael teaches is that he directly relates the technical aspects of exposure, which he teaches well, to the aesthetic/artistic aspects.

Exposure for Outdoor Photography is about all natural-light photography, and could be one of the most broadly-applicable books we’ve published. Michael, in this 50-spread PDF ebook, tackles the basics, and goes on to discuss how the different ways of accomplishing different exposures bring about different aesthetics, metering modes, exposure modes, histograms, high-contrast scenes, depth of field, shutter speeds, and exposure blending, and more, and includes 10 case studies, and beautiful photographs, to illustrate. This is a solid book and  I’m thrilled to have been part of making it, and proud to have Michael a part of the Craft & Vision faculty.

Special Offer on PDFs
For the next five days only, use the promotional code EXPOSURE4 when you checkout so you can have the PDF version of Exposure for Outdoor Photography for only $4 OR use the code EXPOSURE20 to get 20% off when you buy 5+ PDF eBooks from the Craft & Vision collection. These codes expire at 11:59pm PST February 20, 2012.

Feb 8th


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Work or Whine. A Rant.

Shooting sunset in the Maasai Mara, while a ranger keeps an eye out. Photo credit: Regis Vincent. When Nicole S. Young’s ebook on MicroStock came out last year on the Craft&Vision site, we caught some flack for “supporting the microstock model.” We were told how unfair the model is, how it’s going to put photographers […]

Feb 1st


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February 2012 Wallpaper

Lalibela, Ethiopia. 2012. Click the image to download a 2560 x 1600 desktop wallpaper. I’m as close to home as I’m going to be for a while now. A month after heading to Africa and tromping about Ethiopia, Kenya, and Tanzania, I’m back to packing my bags and this time for the haul. On February […]