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Sep 19th


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The Inspired Eye, Volume 3.


By now you know me well enough to know that I’ve got a bee in my bonnet about the so-called photography industry. Weird enough that I even wear a bonnet, right? But the continual focus on gear at the expense of creativity  is why so many who love this craft are frustrated. Too much time on the peripherals – gear and technique – without tending to the core.

If you have any interest in expressing yourself and creating beauty, if you’re more than just a camera-collector but a photographer, then creativity is your core asset. It’s why I pushed so hard for people to read Corwin Hiebert’s book, Your Creative Mix, when it came out. And it’s why I’ve written a third volume in the Inspired Eye series (find Volume One HERE and Volume Two HERE or check-out “The Bundle” below).

The Inspired Eye, Volume 3 is a series of articles about the creative process, specifically for photographers, and I wrote it because the questions and discussions I hear most these days are not about depth of field and selective focus; they’re about creativity and expression and the frustrations we all experience trying to get beyond mere technical proficiency. Technical proficiency is highly over-rated. To be sure, there’s value in it when you need it, but a camera is still just a box with a hole in it. If you can make a good exposure, and focus the camera, the rest is about your choices – your own creative decisions in making a photograph. It’s those choices – your creativity – that make the photograph. If I had only 4 hours to spend working on my photography, I’d spend one hour on technique and 3 hours calibrating my creativity, that’s how important I think it is.

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The Inspired Eye, Volume 3, was written for just that, as were volumes 1 and 2, for that matter. If you belong to the Craft & Vision Community, Volume 3 will be delivered to you today. If you don’t (ahem, why not?! Find out more HERE) then you can get The Inspired Eye 3 for $5, or $4 if you use coupon code EYETHREE4 before Saturday, September 24 at 11:59pm (PST). As always during these launch discounts, you can get 5 for the price of 4, this time the discount code is EYETHREE20. If you’re a member of the Craft & Vision Community already, now’s the time to download it.

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The Inspired Eye Bundle! Get all three volumes for just $12. The first two eBooks have new covers but the layouts and content is unchanged.

Sep 16th


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Postcard from Laos

A quick hello from Laos. We’re on the banks of the Mekong River, and in a couple hours begin a 2-day journey downriver towards Luang Prabang. Yesterday was a long drive through misty jungles and impossibly green rice paddies, around frequent landslides and small towns, with a stop for spicy kao soi for lunch. As […]

Sep 5th


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Moving Forward

Hi folks. The more rabid among you have already noticed that this September is the first month I’ve missed a wallpaper in, well, I think it’s the first time. Sorry. So much going on, my head is swimming. But read to the end, it’ll be waiting for you. I was released from The Rehabilitation Centre […]