November 2009 Wallpaper

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Nearly missed the timing on this one. Here’s the November wallpapers in both 2560×1600 and 1280×853, shot in the Nubra Valley, India, not far from the Pakistan border this September. This dog showed up and if I’ve ever been tempted to bring an animal home with me, it was this morning. We named her Siberia.

Click the image above to get the small wallpaper, and HERE to get the large one. Enjoy!


  1. Hello!

    I have a crush on you ! Not really you, but on the articles you write and your ebooks and the wallpapers!

    Where or where is December ?!


  2. Author

    Hi Scott – Try again, I’ve disabled the Lightbox plugin – too many issues. My apologies. Should be working as before now.

  3. David, love the photo but I cannot download it on a Mac now that it opens in a new window. I see others have had the same problem and have found a work around. Please help…..

  4. Thank you very much David. Please add the days on the next one. Weeks are different in different parts of the world as you know 😉

  5. Thank you. I’m on a Mac, but figured out a work around using a plug-in on Firefox.

    And thank you David for another installment. I look forward to it every month. Gratzi.

  6. Thanks, this looks great on my desktop, but my yellow labrador is jealous!

    To the previous poster, I was confused at first too. Just right click on the link without left clicking through the link itself. Then choose “save picture as”. I am working on a PC.

  7. I used to right-click to save these images, but with the new way they expand I can’t any more. Help! I need to keep using your wallpapers every month!

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