June 2010 Wallpapers *Updated

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Wow, you blink and the month has gone. As usual this one just snuck right up on me. June wallpapers are here, in both 2560×1600 and 1280×853, get’em while they’re hot. This is one of the images from the Venice Monograph being released through Craft & Vision on June 10th.  Click the image above for the smaller wallpaper. Click HERE for the larger one. *Originally posted wallpapers had the dates wrong. My bad. They’re correct now. Sorry to make y’all crazy.

If you missed it we released a whole wallpaper collection for the Apple iPad last week. There’s a small collection with 7 images for free, and a larger 25-image collection for $5. Complete details, and some screenshots, HERE if you’re looking to give your new iPad a little loving. Of course they’ll work on smaller laptops, netbooks, iPhones, etc., as well. Enjoy.


  1. Wow. I really love the contract between the overall sharpness of the image (foreground and background) and the interspersed softness of the rocking gondolas. This one may stay on my monitor longer than a month. 🙂

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