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Lake Tahoe. Nikon D3s, 35mm (Sigma 24-70.2.8 EX), 30 seconds @ f/16. ISO 800. Unfiltered.

We’re settled in San Francisco now, Jessie and I. Dave Delnea leaves us soon, and heads back to Vancouver on the 14th, which we’re none too happy about, but Corwin comes on the 23rd to take his place and in between the 14th and 23rd, I’ve got meetings and a limited edition Tweet-up (details below, keep reading) and a conference in Peoria, Illinois that I’m excited about on the 19th, so there’s lots going on.

When we got to San Francisco we moved into the Marin Headlands Hostel, one of my favourite places in the Bay Area, and have been getting work done, shooting the Golden Gate Bridge in twilight, and getting out a little further up the coast. Love it here! I woke yesterday to text messages and emails about a tsunami that kind of dissipated before it hit shore, but provided some panicked entertainment and a reported comment from the Bay Area ferries manager that “we’re telling people to be careful with their coffees.” My heart goes out to the victims of the tsunami in Japan; mercifully it had lost its power when it hit land in San Francisco.

The shot above is from Lake Tahoe, one of the only images I made on a 12-hour drive that brought us almost from what was almost the California coast to nearly the Nevada border before putting us into a cheap hotel in South Lake Tahoe on our way back to the coast. Looking at my photographs so far it shouldn’t be hard to guess the themes I am working with, but I’m loving the moody blues of twilight, long exposures, my Gitzo tripod and my Singh-Ray ND grads.

Three of the four Gitzos that rattle around the back of Jessie. Dave Delnea uses two so he can shoot time two time lapses at once, or set up one time lapse with one while shooting stills with the other. I only use two when I need to feel nearly as manly as Dave.

On March 16th I’ll be hosting a very small, by-invitation Bay Area Tweet-up that is open to all. And I mean that in a very biblical “many are called but few are chosen” kind of way. Here’s how it works. Y’all are invited, but there’s only room at the venue for 20. It’s in San Francisco, at 7pm on the 16th. Reply to this post with a comment that you want to come and be sure to include your name and email address. We’ll email the first 17 with location details about the venue, and you’re in! Please be sure you can come; with only 17 spots it’s be a shame to give the spots to folks who just kinda think they might be able to maybe make it, ya know? You’ll have to cover your own drinks and food, but Peachpit (my publisher, and the unofficial sponsors of this min-Tweet-up) tells me there could be some books given away, and I’m happy to sign them, especially if they weren’t written by me. It’ll be informal but we’ll have a chance to meet and connect. Want to come? Leave a comment and we’ll let you know!


  1. Guess I’m not wired enough. I’ve been out of touch the last couple of days. But just in case a space opens up, I’m interested.

  2. I’m enjoying your blogs re your journey. Looking forward to meeting you in Peoria.

  3. Hey Folks! The San Fran Tweet-up invites have gone out and there’s 10 peeps on the back-up list. Just thought you’d like to know.

  4. David,
    I’d love to come. BTW: Your books and “vision” is well-represented in Dubai at Kinokuniya Books.

  5. David, would love to attend. Was in Vancouver Dec. 2010, also made the trip down the coast like you are now.
    Spent many nights in an Autohaus too, they’re great!

  6. Hey Dave,

    Great running into you and David at The Bridge last night. I’d like to attend your gathering if there is still room. Let me know if you want a closer look at the bay, I may be able to arrange something. Enjoy your stay by the Bay. Rob

  7. Hi David, I would love to attend if there is still some room left.

    (imfaraz at gmail dot com)

  8. Would also like to join you for the tweetup. I live just north of the Headlands if you feel like dropping by for a hot cup of homemade chai while your in town.

  9. Ah, San Francisco. One of my favourite places. Would love to attend, but work duties call here in southern Alberta. Your blog is keeping my spirits up during the last gasps of winter here. Lovely images and great description of the trip of a lifetime.

  10. Oops typed too fast, sorry: I’ll be there if I make the cut :). Would love it!

  11. David, I’d love to attend. I’ve recently retired as an ecologist and am planning on turning pro. My first personal project will be a photo trek to the Kingdom of Mustang in Nepal, to do what I’m calling “humanitarian fine art photography”, with the net profit from my print and ebook sles to be donated to the humanitarian programs of the American Himalayan Foundation. I’m dyin’ to talk to you about this. I was a US Peace Corps Volunteer in Liberia W. Africa (1970-71)

  12. I live in Sacramento and would be honored to are my mentor from a far and reside on my desktop every month….your images are amazing!!!!

  13. On an un-related note, I have really been enjoying following your blog (and your current trip), and because I have only recently found it (after reading WTF for the 2nd time), I always look forward to reading your older posts! Sorry if I got your name wrong above, David. ~ Joe

  14. Great Marketing as always-I am thinking of a specialized tire cover for my jeep, now that I see this….Wish you were coming a little further south, have a great time in SF

  15. David, it must be late. Unless it moved with the Tsunami Seattle is not in the Bay Area nor the Marin Headlands. Also, isn’t it really Peoria Illinois where conference is taking place? There may be more but I stopped reading after Seattle…

  16. Hi Dave, I would love to attend! I live here in the city, been following your trip and have no problem making it, should there still be room.



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