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Just a quick note to let you know an unexpected spot has opened for me at The Rehab Centre in Ottawa. It’s a residential thing, so tomorrow I’m moving back to the hospital for the month of August. There they will kick my ass for 8 hours a day, 5 days a week. Then they’ll let me go home for the weekends. I am really excited about this – it’s a world class facility and they’re my best shot at walking as normally as possible again. I will have wifi but things are going to get quiet here for a bit. If I can I will post updates, but the other day my physiotherapist kicked my ass for just one hour and I was exhausted. I’m not sure how I’m going to survive 8hrs/day. Please do check in; I might be sending desperate pleas for someone to come rescue me!

Thanks again for all the support you’ve shown me. I know none of this was in the plans and y’all thought the adventure of this year was going to be full of great photographs. Instead you got stories about bed pans. You’re to be commended for hanging in there as long as you have 🙂

One more month. Then I’m off to Cambodia, Laos, Thailand. Might be crawling down the aisle of the plane to get there, but I’ll be traveling again soon!


  1. Author

    Dave – You’re a good man. I’m digging a tunnel now and will let you know when to come get me. 🙂

  2. Hey David,
    I’m sitting here in Denver with a full tank of gas and my passport awaiting further instructions on the rescue plan…

    Of course if you escape to Colorado you have to promise not to fall off of anything here….Dork 😉

  3. I was so saddened to learn of your accident, and read with joy that your are not still doing poorly… My prayers and kind thoughts for a full recovery. I’ve been through something similiar – and yes, butt kicking theraphists are the best.

    My offer for a flicker account stands, if it would encourage you … Perhaps pictures from Cambodia?


  4. Take time if you’re down on luck. It’s so easy to walk.

    Something you said The timing was right..

  5. Best wishes –
    You are very fortunate to get an early shot at Rehab at this juncture; very important for you to regain confidence and “retrain” the nerves/muscles. It will be tough but “simply” trust your therapists and nurses (but never fail to question) and the process will be worthwhile! Keep us informed and if you’ve any opportunity to share any memorable moments during the rigorous schedules – please do so via prose or pic. You are going to meet some truly inspiring people and they will appreciate your spirit as well! Just keep at it and you’ll get there . . .

  6. Good news David! Don’t worry about keeping in touch, we will be here when you’re ready.

    I know it’s a cliche, but “one day at a time.”

    We’re all rooting for you to be walking down the aisle!

  7. Walking, skatebiarding, slacklining and rock climbing, best exercises.

  8. Glad to see that you got your spot! Best of luck with your rehab and remember, the pain will go away, eventually! but for better life latter! All the best and keep us updated.

  9. you gotta do the work man- and we’ll be here for you when you need us. wicked!

  10. David,

    Wishing you well in rehab. I know you want to get back to regular life but remember that all the photography wait. It will be there when you are ready. Most important is to get as close to 100% as is possible. Focus on one thing at a time. Looking forward to seeing more great images from you soon enough and even more important to read more inspiring and uplifting thoughts.

  11. “Never give up. Never surrender” .. Jason Nesmith Galaxy Quest

    We are with you until the end 🙂

  12. it is about small steps and incremental gains…you will do fine…best of luck and keep us updated…

  13. Good luck with the rehab. this early opening gives you a bit more time to be stronger and steadied for your trips. not sure if it applies to you, but I found after a serious fall and ankle injury I lost confidence in my body and even today walk very carefully in places I wouldn’t have thought twice about leaping over, around etc before. stairs can worry me, especially when I am carrying my heavy camera stuff – I feel the centre of gravity has changed. 🙂 Best of luck with the rehab!

  14. Wow. Good luck, David! Can’t wait to hear how it’s going. Glad you got in! Cheers, SJT

  15. Good Luck for this Kick Ass Adventure….and get fine soon. This world looks even better through your lens.
    Cheers !

  16. Great to hear that an opening has come and you are ready to take it. ‘Walk on through the wind, walk on through the rain..” 😉

  17. No pain no gain… so here’s hoping there is a little bit of pain in that ass at the end of the day….

  18. I heard your interview on TWIP – very inspiring to hear your attitude in such adversity. Best of luck to you in your recovery.

  19. I am seriously impressed by your resilience. Your spectacular ability to live through this with grace, honesty and a wicked sense of humour is laudable.

    Thanks for sharing your journey with us. I am cheering you on.

    All the best with rehab.

  20. Best of luck David. Your photography inspires me but your stories of strength and courage have inspired me even more. I know you can do this and will be waiting and looking forward to seeing your work again real soon.

  21. Take the time you need; healing is a holistic process, as is rehab. We will be here, Cambodia and Laos will be ready and waiting whenever you are ready. Good luck, and remember you have all of us watching your back and willing to lend a hand.

  22. I have only recently been following your blog etc. and your attitude to your misfortunes is wonderful. You are an inspiration not just as a photographer but also as a human being. The very best of luck with the Rehab – I have no doubt, that with your mindset, you will make the best possible recovery.

  23. Heard your interview on TWIP – great clarity of thought and amazingly articulate. It’s been a tough time for you I know. But great inspiration for us so good luck with the recovery mate…

  24. Work harder than you know how and the rewards will come. Good luck and Godspeed.

  25. Do the work man! I read your blog since “Within the Frame” came out and i can say, hands on heart, you’re an endless source of inspiration as a photog and human being to me.

    Buona fortuna!

  26. Awesome! Glad you got in! Hoping all goes well and you recover fully and won’t even have to crawl into the plane! :c) My prayers are with you! :c)

  27. Only recently been following your blog, but addicted to your books. So sorry to hear about the accident, but grateful to hear about your recovery. Work hard, sweat hard and recover!

  28. Good to hear of the progress and the plans for new travel
    keep it up

  29. Wonderful news about the opening at rehab. Obviously, it was meant to be.

    I know how how badly you want to get back into the swing of things, but Cambodia and Laos aren’t going anywhere. Make sure that you are in good working order before you go rushing off again.

  30. Knowing you you’ll be skipping down the aisle. Don’t push yourself too hard. Remember the world will still be there when your body truly is ready.

  31. I have been following you David, your blog and heard you on podcasts – I truly wish you the best of luck. Keep your eye on the goal and you’ll get there. God bless.

  32. Your perseverance and positive attitude have been inspiring me all year. I’m sorry for your pain and for its inconveniences, but your struggles have helped me (and, I suspect, many others) with an overdue attitude adjustment.

    Thank you and godspeed.

  33. Exciting and scary… sounds like one of those great contrasts you are always looking for in your photography. Hopefully it yields similarly amazing results. Best of luck!

  34. Good news David. In your words…”do the work” in the rehab and I hope you are well quickly. I also traveling to Thailand and Vietnam in October-November… May be we can take a tea or noodles there. Best wishes from Barcelona 🙂

  35. I second the take your time sentiment. As a therapist in NY I have seen time and time again injured people rushing back to the things the love only to remain in pain for years afterward. While your travel plans sound wonderful the extent of your injuries…please keep the dates of travel very flexible and remember it’s your body and just because a Dr. or whomever says you should be OK to travel this is not always wise council.
    Good Luck

  36. Best of luck. One day at a time they say…one day at a time. Waving the “Go David” flag for you up here in Alaska. Hugs.

  37. Yay! Hang in there – walking, and walking well is definitely in your future.

  38. I am rooting for you man. I am doing rehab and it is incredible how how hard it is. I know what you are going through.

  39. no worries. I like the over-coming-the-serious-injury inspiration. I’m going through some serious knee pain right now. Jogging? nope. Biking? nope. Stairs? Challenging. Walking? slowly. Kneeling to take a photo? Not happening. With a baby on the way soon, the idea of surgery is daunting. Still looking forward to possibly palling around if you make it to SC/NC.

    Keep up the good work!

  40. Good luck, David. I believe you will have no problem digging down deep and getting through – as over the course of this latest adventure you’ve shown that’s what you’re made of. Just remember to breathe:)

  41. David, if you approach this like you do the other meaningful things in your life, you will sail through (well, maybe “crawl through”), but that’s okay too.

  42. Best wishes from the Middle Kingdom. And remember: ‘nothing is permanent’. Chelin

  43. Best to you on your Rehab! Looking forward to your vision on it, but most of all heal.

  44. This is wonderful news, David! So glad to hear that you’ll be “forced” to walk again and kicking some of our “a’s” once again 🙂

  45. Yeah! and remember they call pt for a reason (pain and torture)! But walking again is worth it. And no more of this “as normally as possible stuff”…it’s…I’ll be walking normally again soon! 🙂

  46. This is exciting news for you! I hope all goes well. You are the most determined person and I know you will reach your goals! good luck!!

  47. You have a large support group of photographers, that thinks the world of you, so carry our positive thoughts with you as you go into physical therapy. We are all behind you “pushing you forward.” Take care, and looking forward to great photographs to come.

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  49. i do not even know what to say i am so impressed with your encouragement. I struggle sometimes with less. Keep it up, you are an inspiration in so many ways.

  50. Good for you David! No need to tell you to stay focused on the job at hand, but do it so we can have you back in the saddle again! It’s a selfish thing! Get well my friend!

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