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The Singing Dunes, Mongolia, 2012

A little later than usual but I’ve given myself a little more freedom now since there’s no calendar on these things. Hope it’s worth the wait. An hour after I shot this, the photographer in this image walked up to me and apologized, telling me he thought he owed me a beer for getting into my shot. I told him he was the shot and it was probably me that owed him a beer. This last trip to Mongolia was a fantastic adventure!

Click on the image above to download your free 2560 x 1600 desktop wallpaper from Mongolia’s Gobi Desert.


  1. Hi David,

    as always, this is a fantastic picture. Thanks for sharing it with us. When i set it as my new wallpaper at my PC in the office i get a little bit jealous.

  2. You are right, he MAKES the shot! I love the light in this, not so strong as you usually see, subtly highlighting the form of the dunes.

  3. Hi David,
    You are right, he is the picture. I tought perhaps it was Jeffrey ????
    But my main question about this story is…..could you organise a fresh cold beer for him?
    Gr stefan
    Ps we are in Italy again now not for a WTF Liguria experience but for holiday. Do you remember the picture I presented for our daily discussion. The Italian woman walking in a narrow street in Genua and at the other end a couple, he taking a picture backwards and she like…….how long do I have to wait ????

  4. Love it. Something about the photographer in the photo gives a bit of humor to the image. Great.

  5. Sorry Pushed to fast on the sebd button, to continu the story……..

    My wife feels like her now,so I owe her white Italian wine
    Ciao and have fun

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  7. Author

    Stefan – Enjoy your Ligurian adventure, and treat your lovely wife to a nice bottle of Vermentino or Cinque Terre, followed up with Sciaccetra. Safe and happy journeys to you!

  8. Love the photograher perceptions here… his and yours… the main thing was beer was paid out… I hope… and chuckles shared.

  9. The endless miles of nothing are very dramatic! When you find something in the nothing, it makes a great photo. As expected, you did a fantastic job, even when you photographed nothing but the expanse!

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