Postcard from Antarctica: Lemaire Channel

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We’ve been on the Ocean Diamond for 3 days now, and this morning we hit land in Antarctica after a beautiful time navigating the Lemaire Channel. In a few hours we’ll land again, this time at Circumcision Bay on Peterman Island. The weather has been astonishing, though it made the Drake Passage such a tame journey it barely feels we’ve earned the incredible vistas. Still, there are 6 of us and we’ve had an amazing time so far. The hard drives fill up in the evenings while we sit with a drink, and this morning’s zodiac ride found us a piece of crystal clear ice, likely thousands of years old, from which we made spectacular martinis. Hey, it’s not all work, work, work down here.

I edited this with a quick white point and black point adjustment in Lightroom 4, then used one of the presets from my personal LR4 preset collection, the Midtone Lift + Vignette + Clarity preset.


  1. Beautiful image David. Cold place… brrrrr
    One question… that sky is also treated in LR? or did you use a filter on camera?
    Take care and enjoy!

  2. Dear David,
    I hope you have an amazing time down south. I love your image, I just spend five minutes exploring the lines and elements. Your work is phenomenal. Looking forward to the next postcard!

    Best regards, Johannes

  3. Would you mind sharing the specs on that pic? It almost looks as if you used a T/S lens. The reflections at both ends of the earth are so awe-inspiring.

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