Desktop Wallpaper: Sunset Leopard

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It’s been too long since I posted a desktop wallpaper for you, somehow I just got distracted for a little while there, like a year or so. Oops. Sorry about that.

This is Fig, a female African Leopard with whom we spent one of the most magical afternoons on Kenya’s Maasai Mara recently. Watching her nap, wake to kill a passing jackal, then return to her tree to watch the sun light the sky ablaze on it’s way west, was close to transcendent. Being there to share it with friends, many of whom I knew initially only through this blog, was the icing on the cake. We’ll be going back next year, I hope you’ll consider joining us.

To download the image you can either click the image above, or follow this link to a 2560×1440 wallpaper. I hope it reminds you that there’s magic and beauty out there.





  1. Thanks David. By the way, has your iMac a 5K display or still the good old 2560×1440? I just realized it’s a pain your wallpaper doesn’t look as sharp on a 5120 x 2880…

  2. Great photo, thanks for sharing. Sounds like a lovely time! Would love to tag along next time.

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