3 Ways to Start Seeing Better

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This is the final of three videos I’ve made to introduce you to the course I’m releasing next week. The Course is called The Compelling Frame and I’ll give you a sneak peek at it in this video. The video is about learning to see because while we’re exploring making stronger photographs with composition and visual design I think it stands to reason that we can’t compose what we haven’t seen in the first place.

Watch video 3, Three Ways To Start Seeing Better Now.

Next week I’ll be opening enrollment in The Compelling Frame. You’ll get the usual marketing stuff from me about it and I hope you’ll consider joining me for the course. If you read this blog then you get me pretty unfiltered here so let me say this about as off-the-record as I can be: this course matters. It’s big and while it costs more than most opportunities I offer you I believe it’s also worth much more. I’ve worked my ass off on this, which is neither here nor there to you, but it’s taken me 6 months to create and between the course itself and the bonus materials and the offer to join The Vision Driven mentoring community, I think it’s pretty special. If you’re on my mailing list I’m going to be a little more present in your inbox over the next two weeks than I normally am. Thanks, in advance for your patience.

I like to think I’ve earned your trust and that you know I wouldn’t offer this, much less put my name on it, if I didn’t think it would change your photography for the better and make your life a little richer. I can’t wait to show you this! I hope you’ll join me there. But even if you don’t, check out the video because it all starts with learning to see!


  1. I am super interested in this course! I would love to know if it would be beneficial for a family and wedding photographer. My style is a mix of lifestyle and photojournalism. Thank you!

    1. Author

      Hi Allie – The short answer is yes! This is about the most fundamental building blocks of our craft and getting really conversant with the elements of visual language. So while my examples are more travel / street and even some wildlife, the course was designed to be cross-genre and applicable to every kind of photography. Remember, composition is not dependent on subject. Things like balance and tension, contrast, story, and all the other elements and decisions that go into making a great photograph, they all apply no matter if it’s a bride, a landscape, an elephant or a street corner in front of us.

  2. Thierry, it depends how you come to the video. If you came via my newsletter then you didn’t have to enter your email again. If you did not then you should only need to enter it once. I’m sorry it’s been clunky for you. Let me know if it’s still not working for you and I’ll get you a direct link. My apologies.

  3. Why do we need to put in our email address? The other 2 videos we didn’t need to
    Not a good way to sell you course…

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