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Today’s the day you’ve been waiting for! For some of you it’s the day I finally stop teasing you about The Compelling Frame. For some of you it’s the day I finally stop talking about it. If you’re among the first, then you’re in luck! If you’re among the second group, I’m sorry to say you’ve got another week to go. Why? Because enrollment in The Compelling Frame will only be available until September 20 and then it closes for at least another year.

Learn More About the Compelling Frame

This is the composition and visual design course I’ve been working on for the last 6 months – on one hand it’s really different for me – I’ve never done anything like this or anything this big – but on the other hand I hope it’s what you’ve come to expect from me – great education, free from rules and platitudes, with one goal in mind: to make you a stronger photographer.

Briefly – because I explain it way better on the dedicated page I’ve created to show the course to youThe Compelling Frame is a 19-lesson course designed to help you better understand visual design and composition, specifically how we use those to create more captivating, more powerful, photographs.

“I would recommend this course over and over to anyone wanting to know how to strengthen their photography and create more compelling images. I have taken a lot of courses over the years and David’s material truly goes above and beyond to walk you though each step so that you can clearly see the possibilities in a whole new way. I continually refer to the material and have a new sense of inspiration and excitement with my own work again. Thank you so much David!” ~ Rachel Nielson, Salt Lake City.

In addition to the lessons, all of which include video, written elements, Creative Exercises, and my Study the Masters section, there are also 4 additional About the Image videos, 2 Craft & Creativity videos, copies of my eBooks, Making the Image and The Photographic Story, and a free one-year membership to The Vision-Driven, my new mentoring community.

The Compelling Frame is going to change how a lot of people make photographs.

Watch the Introduction Video Now

Take a moment and watch this brief video that explains this exciting course.

This course comes out of my desire to go deeper. My book, The Soul of the Camera also came from that desire, from a dissatifaction with the way I was teaching, and the knowledge that I could be pushing a little harder, being more thorough, and going deeper on this subject than I’ve gone before. I know I talk a lot about vision, but it’s occured to me that we can have all the vision in the world but if we don’t know how to express it, we’re no closer to making the kind of photographs we’re all capable of. I hope you’ll give this course a fair chance.

“This course will change how photographers think about their craft and the art of photography; it would be a tremendous value at double the price! You’ve invested in all the gear. Take a fraction of that and invest in yourself as a photographer. It will change the way you make photographs and you’ll love the results.”~ Ian Enright, Calgary.

I’m especially excited about The Vision-Driven. My hopes for it are that it will become a place where we can actually talk about our photographs – not a place for atta-boys and shallow praise. Anyone that utters the words “Great Capture!” will be symbolically shot on sight.  And it’s not a place for unkind criticism and some of the bullshit that internet seems to attract like flies to, well, to bullshit. It’s a place where we can connect, talk about images, get real, helpful feedback, learn to critique images and hone our visual language skills. And the only way to join is to be part of one of my MentorClasses, like The Compelling Frame which comes with a free one-year membership, or to take one of my MentorSeries Workshops.

“This course was addictive. I was eager to dig into each lesson, and then found myself even more motivated to study the masters, look at my past images with a critical eye, and discern my intent as I’m shooting in the field. I have never been so inspired to spend time with an online course. Invaluable!”~ Karen O’Hern, Denver

Enrollment in The Compelling Frame is open now and will close on September 20 at 23:59 in Vancouver. It won’t re-open again for another year and when it does it won’t be offered at the same price. For less than what it costs to do a one-on-one image review with me, you can get in on one of the most robust learning opportunities I know how to give you. I hope I’ll see you there. To enroll now or get more information about the course and all the bonuses, check it out now at but don’t wait because it’s open for one week only.

Enroll Now in The Compelling Frame


  1. Nevermind, I had to sign up. For some reason, I just knew that there was something here. I have become a bit “bored” with the perfectly posed bird shot. My initial goal as a bird photographer was to get an image published in Texas Parks & Wildlife. I read that magazine from the time I was young and it was the one place that would “mean” something to me. I feel like I need “more” in my bird images (as well as my landscapes) and while I feel I pay attention to composition most of the time, I know I need to learn from you. Thanks for this opportunity and I look forward to growing in my craft.

  2. David – I have enjoyed many of your books and just started enjoying your Vision is Better videos. This class is very tempting, but a couple of questions.

    1) I do a lot of bird and macro photography and we often do a lot to control the setting prior to the image OR we are hastily just trying to capture a critter before it moves/flies/hides/etc. Do you believe this will still be a valuable resource for me?

    2) I do a lot of landscape photography and occasionally an event, but rarely images of people. Will most of the exercises and videos focus on images like street photography, people, or the like?

    Thanks for all you do to help us find our photographic vision.


  3. Author

    Hi Glenn – No, the Visual Toolbox is a much more general course – this is very specific to composition and visual design and takes anything that might have been mentioned in the the Visual Toolbox and goes much deeper. It’s a very different course and includes different creative exercises, videos on different topics, and Study the Masters, as well as the invitation to join the Vision-Driven mentoring community for a year with no additional cost.

  4. Isn’t this already covered in your book “The Visual Toolbox” ?
    What is the additional benefit ?
    (except money)

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