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Jun 27th


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A Deeper Frame

In my first eBook, TEN, I made ten suggestions for improving your photographs. The first of ten was to add greater depth to your photographs, but I didn’t elaborate much. Now halfway through writing a new book, Photographically Speaking, sidelines by what might have been a fatal fall while shooting in Pisa, Italy, I have had a great deal of time to think about depth in, well, deeper ways.

While many of my teachings talk specifically about vision-driven photography, with a focus on vision, this is the first of my eBooks to discuss the ways in which we express that vision. You’ll find this book refreshingly free of that word, vision, in fact. Here the topic is simple, though for something so simple it amazes me that it’s so seldom focused on in the popular teaching of photography.

Certainly, depth is talked about, but often it’s a sidebar and unless there is first a discussion about why we want to re-introduce depth into our photographs, or even why that depth doesn’t simply appear in our photographs naturally, then a discussion of how to make it happen is premature.

By depth I do not mean artsy photographs that are rich in symbolism or illicit the “Whoa, man, that’s deep,” responses from the black-turtleneck, art-nick crowd. It’s not conceptual depth I’m refering to but to spatial depth, and while the 7th means I suggest to create deeper photographs is, in fact, related to emotional and responsive depth, it is photographs with an increased feeling of third-dimensionality I’m talking about.

Those are the first few paragraphs from the Introduction to my newest eBook, A DEEPER FRAME. It’s been over 6 months since my last book, THE VISION-DRIVEN PHOTOGRAPHER, and I made a promise that while I would not be neglecting the topic of vision, I would be taking it to it’s logical next step – expression.

A DEEPER FRAME talks about seven ways that we can create more engaging images through the re-creation of a sense of depth in the photograph. If your goal is to create photographs that feel immersive and invite a reader of that photograph to not merely look at the photograph but into or through the photograph, then this will be a great read for you. I’m proud of this one; it’s the first in what I expect will be a new direction in my teaching, and a precursor to Photographically Speaking, which is a little late due to the accident but still due out, fingers crossed, this year.

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Twelve! Deeper Discounts than Usual
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The Record is Skipping: DO WHAT YOU LOVE

Quick snapshot by Corwin, one morning this spring in Death Valley. The over-zealous use of the high-pass filter can only be blamed on me though. _____________________________________________   Keep reading, I did the draw for the Artist Print of Twilight I, Tahoe this morning and I’ll announce the winner  at the end of this post. _____________________________________________ […]

Jun 18th


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Buy The Tickets.

A door in Jodhpur, photographed on my first trip to India. Images from that trip benefited me more than the best lens I could have bought or the newest camera, never mind the experience and life-long memories themselves.   I ran across a great article this morning on the Adventure Journal. Simply the premise was, […]

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