Oct 7th


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Issue 9 of PHOTOGRAPH has just been released and it rocks. It’s a brand new format, making it much more readable on devices like the iPad, and completely re-designed. It’s also the first in our third year (THREE YEARS!), and with this we’re moving from a quarterly magazine to bi-monthly. 6 great issues a year. And it just keeps getting bigger – this issue is 230 pages long and completely ad-free – just page after page of great photography and teaching. Issue 9 has a focus on Black & White photography and you’ll be blown away by the portfolios: Jason Bradley’s stunning underwater work, Carla Coulson’s lively portraiture, Julia Anna Gospodarou’s dramatic architectural work, and Satoki Nagata’s night-time photography on the streets of Chicago. We’ve also go articles by John Paul Caponigro, Bruce Percy, Guy Tal, Piet Van den Eynde, Adam Blasberg, Martin Bailey, Chris Orwig, and me.

My goal is simple – I want to create something truly beautiful, and showcase the work of photographers that inspire and educate. And I want it to be killer value. I want it to be the kind of magazine you’re proud to tell others about. We’ve had some amazing issues up to now, and I think this one gets us even closer to my dream. The photographs are amazing, the interviews are insightful, and the education is top-notch, covering everything from how we see to how we create.

Download Issue 09 of PHOTOGRAPH this week for only $6.40 – that’s 20% off the normal price of $8. It’s like having a subscription with the luxury of choice. But you don’t want to miss this issue.

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Sep 30th


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Vision is Still Better

Several years ago I was asked if I’d consider doing something like a yearbook for my blog – a curated compilation of the best stuff, minus the posts where I introduce a new book or workshop – so that people could access my stuff offline in an easy-to-read kind of way. Vision Is Better, the […]

Aug 13th


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When I dreamed up this magazine, bouncing around Mongolia’s Gobi desert, two years ago, it was a big, crazy, What If. Now, with Issue 8, we’re celebrating two years with another beautiful issue, beginning with the work of my friend Ami Vitale, an exceptional storyteller and National Geographic photographer. We’re also featuring the fine art […]

Jul 15th


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Love & Light

I don’t photograph weddings. I have shot precisely four of them, including a big Indian wedding that felt, for all 16 hours of it, that it would kill me. It takes a special kind of photographer to do that kind of gig and I’ve got nothing but respect for those that do. The best wedding […]

A Beautiful Anarchy

  Colour outside the lines and make the best art of your life! To my core I believe that our lives can be lived boldly, intentionally, and as our truest work of art. I believe we are all capable of living extraordinary lives; that people like Gandhi, Picasso, or Mother Teresa, were ordinary people who […]

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