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May 10th


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Study the Masters: Yousuf Karsh

Albert Schweitzer - Karsh

Yousuf Karsh was one of my earliest influences. His portraits, much of his work in black and white, were simple, elegant, and deeply human. An Armenian-Canadian, Karsh was born in Turkey in 1908, worked most of his life in Ottawa, and died in 2002, leaving behind a lifetime of beautiful portraits of the leaders of his generation. I think what draws me, still, to Karsh’s work, is the lack of pretense or cleverness; I never get the feeling he’s saying “look at me,” I never get distracted by his craft, and I think that’s one of the marks of a true master.

You can find more of Karsh’s work through the official website here, but I think there’s no substitute for seeing it in print. When I was in rehab a couple of years ago in Ottawa, and learning to walk again, Karsh’s prints loomed large in the hallways. I’d walk past Churchill often, glowering down at me, daring me to complain or give up. His portrait of Schweitzer, above, still moves me, after 25 years of looking at it.

You can get your hands on books of Karsh’s work on Amazon. I recommend Karsh: A Sixty Year Retrospective, Karsh Portraits,  and Karsh: Beyond the Camera, is great if you want to read the stories behind his work.

I call this feature Study the Masters because I think really studying – not merely looking at – the works of great photographers, is one of the best ways to learn this craft. Sure, look at the images. But really read them. Interact. Ask questions – why did the photographer choose this particular moment or gesture? What can I learn from the light? How does each image make you feel? What does his body of work say to you? You won’t like it all, but you can learn from it all.

A thanks, too, to reader Bryan Nelson for the reminder that your local library might have many of these books. You don’t have to buy every one of these books (though you wouldn’t know that to see the growing stacks here in my loft.)

May 8th


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Making Within The Frame

The original cover concept I sent the publisher. I’m glad they over-ruled me. Six years ago, I got a phone call from a publisher asking me to write a book. The original author had bailed due to health issues, and they wanted to know if I was interested. I wasn’t, but it got my foot […]

May 6th


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Within The Frame Giveaway: Deluxe Edition

Last month I walked into a bindery with two copies of Within The Frame (which is 5 years old this month!) and asked them to make a very special edition of this book. I just picked them up and they’re gorgeous! Custom bound in rich brown goat leather, with black end papers, and silver embossing, […]

May 4th


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Issue 7 of PHOTOGRAPH, the Craft & Vision digital magazine for creative photographers is now out, and it’s stunning! I know, I’m easily excited but the team has done a really beautiful job. Portfolios from David Baker (you have to see his Sea Fever work, it’s gorgeous!) Michelle Morris Denniston (she’s on the cover) Mitchell […]

May 1st


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Within The Frame: 5 Years

Never underestimate the power of one decision, one conversation, one risk taken, to completely change the course of your life. 5 years ago this month Within The Frame, my first book, rolled off the presses and into the hands of what would be way more people than I ever imagined. In that time Within The […]