The Created Image Video Series, Vol 1.

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When we decided to host an intimate, intensive weekend conference in Vancouver this summer, I was blown away by what an incredible experience it was. We spent two days together, and we all left exhausted, inspired, and changed. In all there were 10 sessions, and once we cut them and edited them together we had just over 14 hours of …

The Gift

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The gift of photography is that it teaches us to truly see. This is as true of the photographer with the camera to his eye as it is to the person who experiences the photographs. The camera, subject to so many more limitations than the human eye, the limitations of the frame especially, excels because of those limitations, not despite …

Better Questions

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Prevailing wisdom says there are no stupid questions. But some questions are better than others, lead us to deeper inquiry, raise new, stronger questions, and better address the reason we asked the question in the first place. I hear a lot of questions. In emails, at live events, on my blog, and through social media channels. I suspect, with few …

Yukon Cut Short

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My first instinct is not to publish this post, which I wrote a week ago, and to leave these events just between me and those privy to my moments of stupidity. But it’s good fodder for my new reality show, which my girl, Cynthia, calls “Dumb Shit David Does.” From the beginning I’ve tried to be truly vulnerable on this …

The Visual Toolbox

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*UPDATE (SEPTEMBER 24, 2014): The Visual Toolbox has been acquired by Peachpit Press! This product has be pulled from the C&V store never to return. When Peachpit publishes it in early 2015, it’ll hit bookshelves with a new cover, and 10 new chapters. Something about making photographs makes sense to me. It has since I was fourteen. I love photographs, …

September Desktop Wallpaper

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Fresh off the Dempster Highway, in Canada’s Yukon, a couple days ago, Tombstone park ablaze with colour, here’s something for everyone in the northern hemisphere about to enjoy autumn, and for those in the south for whom it’s a ways away. The image above will take you to a full-sized desktop wallpaper – enjoy!