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3 Versions: Discuss.


I recorded a new episode of About the Image this afternoon. Episode 14. It’ll be online in a couple weeks, I think. But I wanted to post the images here. 3 different versions. If you want to play, here are a couple questions to consider:

  • How does the top image use shadows as a compositional tool?
  • What does the choice to leave the shadows free from details give us that a more detailed version, below, does not?
  • The second image, below, has much more detail in the shadow, popular these days among those who insist on this sort of thing. Is it stronger to you? Weaker? Why?
  • The third image is the same as the first, with a change in colour balance. How does that colour balance shift change how you read and experience the photograph?

There are no wrong answers, just a chance to exercise your visual language skills.  Comments are open if you want to play.


If you enjoy this kind of discussion, you can get more on the free Craft & Vision video podcast here, and more still in Photographically Speaking (Amazon link), a book I wrote a couple years ago that is, I think, my strongest teaching on composition.

Apr 3rd


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