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Left & Found

Left & Found I and II, Liguria, Italy 2013

I started a new project this weekend, excited by the possibilities and driven by the need to just get my work out there. So often I think we pull back from sharing our work for fear of the cost, fear of a loss of control, fear of theft, fear of rejection and God knows what else. And so it sits on hard-drives, sits on shelves. I want mine out there, and last year at one of our Vancouver Gatherings someone asked me for some ideas on sharing and I threw this one out: print your work and leave it somewhere. A random act of guerilla-style spreading of beauty. If what you really want is just to share it, why not?

And then the idea kept poking at me until I was sitting at Milano, the coffee shop in my new neighborhood in Vancouver’s Gastown, reading a book about ideas and creativity and out of nowhere it came back, this time with a name: Left & Found. So every month I’m printing between 20 and 40 prints in an on-going limited edition series. All about 8×5, they’re printed on fine art paper, hand-signed and numbered, and I’ve written a small URL on the back so people can find more information about the Left &Found project. The first ones get placed this week. In a year I’ll have put almost 400 prints out there, left on coffee shop tables, counters, in restaurants and shops – to be found, enjoyed, overlooked, torn, bent, collected, adored, misunderstood, or whatever else happens to our art when we release it into the world to take on a life we could never have foreseen.

It’s not much, but the more I do this the more sure I am that the question, “How can I make money at this?” isn’t remotely as interesting as a simpler question: how can I create work I love and share that work in new ways?

May 29th


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The Khutz Trip

Grizzlies of the Khutzeymateen, 2013. This is a large desktop wallpaper, feel free to click it, make it larger, download it and enjoy it on your desktop. This is my favourite image of the trip and sums up my time with these beautiful bears. I’ve been planning this trip to the Khutzeymateen for a while […]

May 26th


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Nice Capture?

Some thoughts about the way we talk about photographs. As always, I think the questions are more important than the answers. I’m not looking for consensus, just giving voice to my own thoughts and questions. Yours might be different. Thought the First. “Nice capture,” says nothing about what you felt when you experienced a photograph. […]

May 22nd


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Just off the float plane from a week in British Columbia’s Khutzeymateen. I’ll write more later, and put up another photograph or two, but wanted to drop a postcard your way. I’ve pulled these straight out of Lightroom on the 11″ MacBook Air, so they’re rough images yet, but man was this a mind-blowing week. […]