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Mar 28th


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Orchid Impressions

The last few days, as we’ve opened SEVEN for pre-orders, have been tremendously exciting, humbling, and full of the same fear any artist has when releasing something so close to his heart into the world: what if it doesn’t find an audience? We released it nervously, knowing if no one purchased it, I’d have 4,000lbs of books in my loft for years to come. We released it knowing shipping was expensive – too expensive – but the very best rates we could get after dickering with Fed Ex and UPS and DHL and finally going with Canada Post. And we released it hoping to the gods in control of these things that this book would find a few hearts under which to light a fire. All I can say, after all that, is that your reception of this project has left me so grateful – a posture you put me in so often. Thank you so much.

I made the images above, lit by the fire of that gratitude, with my iPhone as the last rays of the evening hit the orchids on the coffee table 30 minutes ago. Happy Easter, friends.

If you missed it, you can reserve your copy of SEVEN, my limited edition fine art book, now, and save $15 until April 02.

Mar 21st


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Building SEVEN: It’s coming!

Next week I’m releasing my fine-art book, SEVEN, for pre-orders. Tuesday, March 26 is your chance to reserve your copy. On Wednesday we’ll be telling the world but it seems only right that you folks get your chance first. And if you reserve your copy within the first 7 days, you can save $15 on […]

Mar 17th


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Timelapse by Dave Delnea

Photographer Dave Delnea and I have had a couple great adventures together. The first was a couple weeks in Iceland, the second roughly the same couple weeks driving down the West Coast. Both experiences were among the wettest and coldest of my life. So now I mostly just stick to having the odd beer in […]