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Today we’re launching Issue Two of PHOTOGRAPH, A Digital Quarterly Magazine for Creative Photographers. It’s 122 spreads long, and it’s gorgeous! The featured portfolios come from Martin Bailey, Andy Biggs, and Chris Orwig, and are followed up with short interviews.

We have great columns from John Paul Caponigro (Creative Composition), Younes Bounhar (Natural Light), Martin Bailey (The Art of the Print), Chris Orwig (Creativity), Nicole S. Young (Camera Craft), Piet van Den Eynde (Before + After), Al Smith (Gear is Good), Jay Goodrich (Inscape), and Kevin Clark (The Studio Sketchbook). My regular column called Without The Camera focuses on Capturing the Moment; I also wrote this issue’s featured article, Missing The Shot. Download the Table of Contents.

If you got the last issue, you know how proud we are of this. We’ve taken our time on this and made something really beautiful. Your response has been completely overwhelming. For those that haven’t seen it yet, the magazine is ad-free and will always be ad-free. It’s quarterly, not monthly, so we can concentrate on making something truly worthwhile and beautiful. And because we believe in being part of the solution, not part of the problem, we’re paying our authors and our photographers, and we’re proud of that.

We’ve always been, and will always be, champions of the amateurs, the ones who do this for the love of it, we’re committed to profiling photographers who you already know and look up to as well as those you’ve not, and giving you a chance to submit your work too.


Photography, like any creative endeavour, is about creating and sharing, and we wanted to create a platform where that can happen alongside solid education about both the craft, and art, of photography. PHOTOGRAPH, Issue Two is available now through Craft & Vision, as a PDF download, for USD$8. 

Feb 3rd


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Northern Kenya on White

The images above are another sample of the photographs from this last month’s work in northern Kenya. I wanted something simpler than the environmental portraits I’ve done in the past. Something that isolated my subjects from their contexts and showed them, and their emotions and character, elegantly. Before I left I talked to the folks […]

Feb 1st


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Postcards from Nanyuki

After 2 weeks in the field in northern Kenya, we’ve settled in for 2 days at the Mt. Kenya Safari Club to shower up, debrief, and get ready to head home. We’ve been in Kenya’s north, from Archer’s Post to Loiyangalani, photographing in partnership with The Boma Project, among Rendille, Samburu, and Turkana tribes, mostly […]

Jan 13th


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New eBook: Growing The VisionMonger 2

I’m in Kenya right now but before I left my elves hit the publish button on our latest eBook and they’re rolling it out today. Growing The VisionMonger 2, A Kick-Ass Guide For the Photographic Entrepreneur,  is the overdue follow-up to Corwin Hiebert’s first, and equally poetically-titled, Growing The VisionMonger. Anyone that’s been here long […]