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Aug 26th


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4th Birthday Sale!


Light the candles. Sing the song. Cut the cake. Craft & Vision is 4 years old. We know we can’t send birthday cake to you in a PDF, but we can go one better. Today and tomorrow only (August 27 & 28, 2013), everything in the Craft & Vision store is 50% off (OK, almost everything. Subscriptions of PHOTOGRAPH are still regular price. But you can get the full first year of back issues at 50% off. And individual issues.) There are no discount codes, just go shopping and the deals are built right in.

I never expected Craft & Vision to become what it has. It wasn’t even on the radar. But it’s a testament to the power of asking, “What if…?” and of being willing to learn new tricks. And y’all have been part of that. If you’ve purchased even one book you’ve been part of what I do, and together we’ve launched nearly 60 books, created a quarterly magazine, and helped 17 other photographers keep doing what they love. Thank you! Now go get those half-price eBooks. Like cake, the offer goes stale way too fast. And then tell the world. There’s no fire code that says we can’t pack this birthday party to the walls. The social media links at the bottom of this post will get the word out to your friends. And then they can be part of the fun.

Take me to the Craft & Vision birthday party, I want to fill my party bag!

Want more photographs from the 4th Birthday Fairy-Princess Pin-up Theme Photo Shoot? This kind of indignity doesn’t come around often. Here’s the full shoot, but you gotta promise me you’ll go buy some eBooks. I don’t put on a tutu for just anyone, you know. Glutton for punishment? Click the thumbnails to see them larger and scroll through.

20130816-C&V-4th-Birthday-41 20130816-C&V-4th-Birthday-39 20130816-C&V-4th-Birthday-38 20130816-C&V-4th-Birthday-37 20130816-C&V-4th-Birthday-36 20130816-C&V-4th-Birthday-35 20130816-C&V-4th-Birthday-34 20130816-C&V-4th-Birthday-32 20130816-C&V-4th-Birthday-31 20130816-C&V-4th-Birthday-28 20130816-C&V-4th-Birthday-27 20130816-C&V-4th-Birthday-25 20130816-C&V-4th-Birthday-24 20130816-C&V-4th-Birthday-20 20130816-C&V-4th-Birthday-15 20130816-C&V-4th-Birthday-14 20130816-C&V-4th-Birthday-13 20130816-C&V-4th-Birthday-12 20130816-C&V-4th-Birthday-11 20130816-C&V-4th-Birthday-9 20130816-C&V-4th-Birthday-8 20130816-C&V-4th-Birthday-3 20130816-C&V-4th-Birthday-62 20130816-C&V-4th-Birthday-61 20130816-C&V-4th-Birthday-59 20130816-C&V-4th-Birthday-58 20130816-C&V-4th-Birthday-57 20130816-C&V-4th-Birthday-56 20130816-C&V-4th-Birthday-55 20130816-C&V-4th-Birthday-54 20130816-C&V-4th-Birthday-53 20130816-C&V-4th-Birthday-52 20130816-C&V-4th-Birthday-51 20130816-C&V-4th-Birthday-50 20130816-C&V-4th-Birthday-49 20130816-C&V-4th-Birthday-48

What can I say? I promised my team I’d do a better photo than last year. Even told them they could pick the theme of the photograph and, seeing as it was a 4th birthday, there were votes for princess, for fairy, and my girlfriend might have suggested a Pin-up theme. I’m not sure if they chose those because they thought I wouldn’t do it, or because they knew I would, but not one for letting anyone feel left out I decided to do it all. Thanks to Corwin for finding a tutu for me, and to my girl, Cynthia, for bringing a little classy boudoir styling to it. We’re nothing if not classy, folks. Thanks for a great 4 years.

Here’s a little video to add to the humiliation:

Take me to the Craft & Vision birthday party, I want to fill my party bag and help David pay for the therapy he’s going to need after this.

Aug 11th


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TEN. Yours Free.

4 years ago I wrote a small eBook called TEN, Ten Ways to Improve Your Craft Without Buying Gear. It changed my life and put me on a path to do what I love: teaching photography and pursuing projects I long to do. Later this month we’ll celebrate our 4th anniversary of Craft & Vision, […]

Aug 11th


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North & Nomadic

Just back from Bali and I’ve got little over a week to service the Jeep, put packing lists together, get groceries, put the gear into Zarges cases and head north. When my nomadic lifestyle was cut too short by a series of circumstances 2 years ago, I mourned the loss of the simplicity I found […]

Aug 7th


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Well, somehow we did it. A year after we released the first issue of PHOTOGRAPH, we’re releasing issue four, completing our first year. We’ve got a growing number of subscribers and more and more amazing photographers that want to be a part of something different like this. Thanks so much for being part of it, […]