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Today we launched the Vision Is Better show, a mostly-weekly 10-15 minute video podcast about photography. I’ve pre-recorded the first 6 of them and they’re live now on You Tube and I’m hoping that you’ll do 2 things for me – the first is subscribing. The second is asking questions in the comments. I’m hoping these questions will become the pool from which I draw my material, so the show can be as relevant to you as possible. So – would you head over there today and check them out, subscribe, and leave some comments – let me know who’s watching and what you’d like me to talk about? Questions, people, I need more questions!

In the first 6 episodes I talk about my gear for grizzlies, why I hate my DSLR, how I edit, how I processed my grizzly series, histograms and the Church of Blown Highlights, how I take care of my cameras on the road, and of course, vision. Join me!

VIB Podcast-Thumbnail-2 copyAs an added bonus there’s an awkward screenshot every week. Who wouldn’t love that?

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  1. I think you’ve nailed the length nicely — about 10 minutes seems good.

    Audio quality is uneven. You are clear, but when the video switches from your face to your computer screen there is an odd low-pitched background noise.

    When watching on the big screen (via Apple TV) which has a good sound system, I notice low-pitched vibration noise in episodes 2 & 3 (more in 3), as if your microphone is picking up something knocking on whatever it’s resting on. At first I thought you had someone walking on the floor above you, but after listening a couple of times I think that when you type the vibrations reach your microphone somehow.

    Less noticeable on the computer screen, which has pretty crappy speakers.

  2. Ha!Ha!Ha! Those are fabulous images David….seems vanity does not plague you.

    Regarding Robert’s post, I assume you are talking about your load time when posting a new post, not the viewers load time, which seems to be fine…

  3. Haven’t noticed this as being slow, actually. Certainly no slower than the rest of your site, or most other sites I visit.

    Will the archives still be present, or are you discarding those? Asking because I sometimes go back and reread favourite posts.

    1. Author

      Robert – Thanks for this. It sure seems slow on my end! Yes, we plan to keep all the archives. Remember too, I have my best blog articles in PDF form in a series of ebooks, also called VISION IS BETTER – here for $5 each (there are 4 now) – so if you’re looking for offline access that will never go away, that’s an option.

      Here’s the 4-book bundle for $16. But if you use this code: USD35 you’ll be able to get a further 35% off, this week only (applies to all products in the store). Enjoy.

      1. The new site sure looks nice. Slower than the old one, though, on my DSL connection. 14 seconds to load the main page, while the old one took less than five.

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