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My friend Piet has just sent us the final files for Photoshop for Photographers, Volume One and Two. All told he’s given us over 7 hours of teaching in 42 videos, that will teach you more than you thought you needed to know about Photoshop.

In these videos, all around 10 minutes in length, you’ll be guided through the essentials on what remains the most powerful photographic editing software on the planet. In Volume One he walks you through Adobe Camera Raw (ACR) and in Volume Two, through Adobe Photoshop.

As always, he is clear and concise, and has found – yet again – a way to show me just how much I really don’t know about a program I consider myself fluent in. This isn’t a video for advanced power users, but for photographers who want a better grasp of the most useful tools for photographers who want to make something more refined, and in line with their vision, out of their raw files. And speaking of files, Piet has included a full set of exercise files so you can download and work on the same images Piet uses in his tutorials.

There’s too much for me to outline here, but you can view the full contents for Volume One and Two by clicking the images below.

Photoshop-for-Photographers-TOC_Vol01-500 Photoshop-for-Photographers-TOC_Vol02-500

The Photoshop for Photographers Bundle is available for the next 7 days for a special price of $30 (that’s 40% off in comparison to buying both Volume One and Volume Two separately – $25 each).


Jul 15th


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Love & Light

I don’t photograph weddings. I have shot precisely four of them, including a big Indian wedding that felt, for all 16 hours of it, that it would kill me. It takes a special kind of photographer to do that kind of gig and I’ve got nothing but respect for those that do. The best wedding […]

Jun 23rd


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If you want to really learn your craft, it’s more than buttons and dials. You need to be able to take all the technical stuff you’ve got under your belt and apply it to create particular moods and aesthetics. You’d be hard pressed to find a commercial photographer with more credibility, experience, and the desire […]

May 18th


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New eBook: Nightscape

David Kingham and I met in person for the first time recently, but even before we met I had the strong feeling he was my kind of guy. He lives nomadically in his truck with his dog, sleeping in hotels only when he’s running one of his popular night photography workshops. He’s definitely my kind […]

May 4th


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Issue 7 of PHOTOGRAPH, the Craft & Vision digital magazine for creative photographers is now out, and it’s stunning! I know, I’m easily excited but the team has done a really beautiful job. Portfolios from David Baker (you have to see his Sea Fever work, it’s gorgeous!) Michelle Morris Denniston (she’s on the cover) Mitchell […]

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