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Nov 16th


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November Desktop Wallpaper


Desktop Wallpaper from Hokkaido, Japan, last winter. Enjoy!

I’ve just got back from a nice road trip – one that took me for the first time in almost two years over the US border. Let’s just say I’ve had some unnecessary issues stemming from a decision to live nomadically with no fixed address a couple years ago. Anyways, there’s some hope that’s behind me now. I flew down to Arizona, sans cameras, and had a great time with family, my girl, and a long drive up the coast.

Lots going on around here. A complete overhaul of the Craft & Vision site, including the new video podcast, will be coming in the next month. I’m aiming to make it a weekly thing, and it’ll be completely free. If you’d like to submit your images to me for consideration on this podcast, there’s more info here.

I don’t want to start any rumours, but so-called Black Friday is coming on November 29, and I’ve heard we might be repeating the annual blow-out sale at Craft & Vision. One day only. Big deals. Now would be a great time to buy something for your favourite photographer. Here’s my idea: go to and get a great deal on a high-capacity SD card. Buy a stack of great resources from Craft & Vision during the sale. Download those products straight to the SD card. Put the card back into the packaging, and wrap it. Then write a nice card and let them know the gift is not ONLY the great SD card, of which we can all use more, but if they plug it into their computer first, there’s a bunch of awesomeness on there! Or use a USB drive if your favourite photographer’s most likely just to jam the card into a camera, format it, and start shooting. Not all photographers read. :-) On a budget? Buy the SD card and put our 3 free eBooks on there. Won’t cost you a thing.

We just published Issue 5 of PHOTOGRAPH and if I don’t say so myself, this is one of our best issues. More information on Issue 5 here.

I’ve got 6 weeks at home and then it’s Ethiopia, Kenya (my mother’s first safari!), and Zanzibar (SCUBA lessons and a chance to play with my camera in the water for 2 weeks!). After that I come home for more foot surgery and I’m sitting around recovering for a couple months, so I’ve set aside time to read, write, record some podcasts, and work on a macro abstract project I’ve been excited to play with.

Sorry for the newsy post. I guess I felt the need to explain my busy-ness and absence. Enjoy the wallpaper.

Awake Enough.

I was talking to a photographer recently who said something I’ve heard, in so many different words, from so many of us, including myself. She’s taking a trip, going somewhere epic, somewhere she’s obviously been dreaming about, a place that’s already well lodged into her heart and imagination even though she’s never been there. She […]