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Jan 14th


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The Natural Portrait


Today Craft & Vision releases Andrew S. Gibson’s comprehensive introduction to natural light portraiture – not surprisingly titled, The Natural Portrait.

Like some of our most recent books, this one’s big – it’s 240 pages and it covers a really wide gamut of topics from working with models, to lens choices, camera settings, light considerations, locations, posing, and post-processing. There are some beautiful case studies, from photographers like Tori Mercedes, for even more inspiration. If you want to photograph people, this is a great start. Combine this book with a study of some of the great portraitists of our century, put in your time finding your own vision and voice, and you’ll be well on your way.

Andrew’s The Natural Portrait is CAD $20, but until 11:59 PM (PST) on January 21 it’s yours for $15. You’ll find the discount code exclusively in Craft & Vision’s Contact Sheet, and you can get that, if you already do not, by signing up here - you’ll get the auto-responder inside the hour :)


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Dec 30th


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2013 Retrospective

Kenya, January 2013. It’s the nature of time to go too quickly. Maybe that’s one of the reasons photography works so well for me: in making time one of our raw materials we pay more attention to it, honouring it down to thousandths of a second, more present, more perceptive. I wish paying more attention […]

Dec 19th


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Christmas Presence.

In the coming days, if you’ve not done so already you’ll see all kinds of articles about making better holiday photographs. They’ll be filled with advice from the banal and obvious, to the dubiously helpful. Mostly they’ll be written to drag people to their blogs, and increase traffic, when those same people should just shut […]

Dec 16th


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Pushing Light

One of the big challenges of working with light is the contrast between light and dark and the ability of film or sensors to capture that full range. The camera just doesn’t see the way we do sometimes. PUSHING LIGHT is a 112-page discussion of this problem and the various solutions to it. These days […]