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Postcard from Dawson City, YT


A quick hello from Dawson City, Yukon. We pulled into town an hour ago in the middle of one of the craziest storms I’ve seen in years, after a beautiful drive from Keno where we spent the last couple exploring days the hills and chasing beauty. Been on the road for 16 days, with plans for another two weeks. Tomorrow we head to Tombstone Territorial Park, hoping the hills will by now be ablaze with the fall colours as blueberry bushes and cottonwood turn red and gold. From Tombstone we’ll head north to the Arctic Circle, then perhaps as far north as the roads will take us, into Inuvik, NWT. Then we’ll come back for round two of the colours in Tombstone and begin the trek south to Prince Rupert where we’ll catch the 20-hour Northern Explorer to Port Hardy, then slowly back to Vancouver.

Check in again on September 10 for the release of the Visual Toolbox, my new book from Craft & Vision. I spent the summer working on it and I’m excited about what it means for people wanting to learn photography as more than just a technical pursuit but an artistic one. It’s the stuff I wish I’d learned when I was younger, and – I hope – a chance for you to get a jump start on some of those lessons. There are no short-cuts, but this book is 50 lessons for stronger photographs and if you’re looking for some guided learning, I can’t wait to show it to you. Until then, I’ve got dinner at Klondike Kate’s waiting for me, and if my girl, Cynthia, has her way, a SourToe Cocktail at the Downtown Hotel (look it up!) :-) (Updated: We went to the Downtown Hotel, shelled out $30, and drank the famous SourToe Cocktail, with certificates to prove it! Also, I’m told the colours in Tombstone are at their peak, so we’re bound there tomorrow. I’ll check in when I can…)

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I have this thing about edges…


Aug 26th


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4th Birthday Sale!

Light the candles. Sing the song. Cut the cake. Craft & Vision is 4 years old. We know we can’t send birthday cake to you in a PDF, but we can go one better. Today and tomorrow only (August 27 & 28, 2013), everything in the Craft & Vision store is 50% off (OK, almost […]

Aug 11th


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North & Nomadic

Just back from Bali and I’ve got little over a week to service the Jeep, put packing lists together, get groceries, put the gear into Zarges cases and head north. When my nomadic lifestyle was cut too short by a series of circumstances 2 years ago, I mourned the loss of the simplicity I found […]

Jul 28th


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Gwaii Haanas

A week ago we wound our way out of Sandspit, one of the few small towns in the Haida Gwaii, a group of islands in northern British Columbia that used to be called the Queen Charlotte Islands, towards a waiting bush plane. We loaded our gear into the De Havilland Beaver around 6:30am, the sun […]