The Created Image Video Series, Vol 1.


When we decided to host an intimate, intensive weekend conference in Vancouver this summer, I was blown away by what an incredible experience it was. We spent two days together, and we all left exhausted, inspired, and changed. In all there were 10 sessions, and once we cut them and edited them together we had just over 14 hours of video content for anyone that couldn’t come to an event like this. It was a small group of us, about 30 students, and myself, but now you can get in on the sessions that formed The Created Image Workshop in Vancouver this summer. Today we’re releasing The Created Image Video Series, Volume 01.

The Created Image, Volume 01 is 10 separate sessions:

  • The Inspired Eye 1 and 2, about the creative process and the foundations of what we do as photographers and creatives.
  • The Created Image 1 and 2, about visual design and composition, discussing things like balance, tension, scale, and all the other visual design tools we often ignore in favour of the so-called Rule of Thirds.
  • Photographically Speaking, a session about how we use the tools of visual design to express and communicate.
  • The Un-Suck Filter, a session about gimmick-free creation of stronger, more compelling images.
  • The Path to Pro 1 and 2, a tag team between my manager, best friend, and author of Living The Dream, Corwin Hiebert, and myself, about the realities of becoming, and being a working professional.

This is the next best thing to being there, which you can’t, because it’s over and while we’ll do another weekend next summer, the teachers and the curriculum will be completely different. But with both streaming and download options, all 14 hours of the content can be yours when, and where, you want it. (Note: Volume 01 is the whole set of 10. It’s so-named because we intend to do this next year, which’ll be Vol.02)

We asked our participants for honest feedback at the end, here’s what some of them said:

“I’ve taken 5 live photography education courses this year and…David is probably the best it could get in terms of learning. One of the best learning sessions I’ve attended in my career.” – Ranjit Vazhapilly

“David is an excellent instructor and his creativity focus is fantastic. By far one of the better photographic workshops.” – Paul Ausmann

“David opened my eyes to new ways of thinking and has sparked my desire to pursue my passion at another level. I’m already making better photographs! I would highly recommend the experience, regardless of your photography skills or training.” – Mark Parsons

“Very liberating! Very affirmative! Thank you, David.” – Gretchen Taylor

“This conference was exactly what I needed it to be—an inspirational kick in the ass. I left feeling motivated to hold myself to a higher artistic standard. Even better, I left with a set of practical tips, tools, and concepts that I can use in my efforts to elevate my work.” – Shanna Baker

If you’re looking to take your photography past the basics, or want a great companion to The Visual ToolBox, and you want to spend 14 hours with a teacher who’s passionate about making the best photographs of his life, and teaching others to reach for the same thing, this is the closest thing we’ve offered to a one-on-one in your own living room. Or bus seat. Or lunch room. It’s professionally shot in full HD, and the audio’s great. Most importantly, it’s an honest, passionate,  gimmick-free approach to this craft.


Aug 11th


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