The Italian Incident



Today marks my 1000th post, more if you count some of the drivel I edited out when I moved this blog over from Typepad years ago. I had all kinds of ideas about how to mark this 1000th post, but none of them were exceptionally good, and to be honest all I really want to say is Thank You. I’ve said that a lot lately; I’ve got a great deal to be grateful for, and your kindness, support, comments and readership mean the world to me. This blog has put me in touch with a huge community of amazing people and in turn that community has allowed me to keep building this thing, one post, one eBook, one printed book, at a time.  I’ve met so many of you, emailed others, and I’m not exaggerating when I tell you I feel like the luckiest man in the world. Thank you.

Speaking of luck, it doesn’t always hold. 10 weeks ago I fell off that wall in Italy. 10 weeks! Here’s a quick update. I’m now almost 9 weeks post-op after the surgeries to fix my feet. My cracked pelvis is now healed. Every day I’m a step (metaphorically mostly) closer to recovering. Two weeks ago my surgeon cleared me to begin putting weight on my left foot (50%) and in two weeks I can put 100% on that foot and begin putting some weight (25%) on the right.

June 22, 2011, First day on crutches.
Smiling on the outside, scared of falling down on the inside. :-)

Learning to walk again is a terrifying thing, but each day brings a little more confidence and a little less pain. I’m scheduled to be in rehab as an in-patient for much of August, and by the time I get on a plane to Laos, Cambodia, and Thailand in September it’ll be 4+ months, and I’ll likely be traveling light (think Fuji x100, small tripod and an iPad), possibly with a cane.

Somewhere in there I’ve got to get back to Atlanta. I almost feel I left my heart there. Jessie is still there and if there’s one thing that’s been hard about all this it’s knowing that my plans have gone completely sideways. That part’s OK; an adventure that goes to plan isn’t an adventure, it’s just a plan. But the two months I had on the road were among the happiest I’ve ever been. Not easy, but amazing, waking every day to a feeling of “this is what I was created to do.” I miss that adventure and while Jessie sits waiting I’m scheming and filling my poor mother’s home with the expedition gear that will prolong this adventure through 2012 once I’m back in the saddle. Anyways, as this whole thing went in a different direction than planned I’ve decided to spend most of 2012 in the American West, but I’ll take some time getting there this time. And if I can do a whole year without falling off a wall, I’ll spend 2013 in Europe with Jessie or her cousin. But you know me and plans these days, so….


Jessie and I on the first day of our adventure, in Tofino, B.C., back when I could walk and stuff. :-) Can’t tell you how excited I was. Jessie’s parked in Atlanta, and overstaying her welcome, with a friend right now. Sit tight, lass, I’m coming!

Through this I’ve been stunned by your support and kindness, so again, thank you. I am so luck to be alive, so grateful to have avoided paralysis. This whole journey has given me all kinds of unexpected gifts, new friends, profound lessons, time with family, and a deeper appreciation for the grace to live life moment by beautiful moment. I never in a million years imagined that starting this blog would give me what it has. I wanted readers; what I got was colleagues, friends, the odd stalker, and a handful of people that feel suspiciously like family. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

Raising my glass to you and hoping you’ll join me for the next 1000.

Jun 9th


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June 09 Update

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May 18th


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May 10th


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