Aug 31st


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Cape Kiwanda Post-Production

On Wednesday I was digging around the archives, looking for something new for this month’s desktop wallpaper when I found an image I forgot I had. This is Cape Kiwanda, near Pacific City, Oregon. I did about 10 minutes of post-production on it in Lightroom 3 as one last hurrah before moving to Lightroom 4. Here are some of the steps, in broad strokes:

Step One (above – Click the images to see them larger)
Import from NEF. This is the RAW image with no adjustments. Straighten horizon and spot image.

Step Two (above)
Colour balance warmed up, and then Basic Adustments:  Exposure +20  Recovery 38  Fill Light 35  Blacks 11  Brightness +50  Contrast +25  Clarity +45  Vibrance +25. Tone Curve set to Medium contrast.

Step Three (above)
Dodge and burn, first pass. Mostly foreground and sky to add drama and push/pull the eye.

Step Four (above)
Dodge water to bring texture and emphasis of lines.

Step Five (above)
Lens Profile correction to remove distortion and chromatic aberration. Take to Photoshop (Edit in > Photoshop CS6) and work on left edge of sky with a little cloning, and a little stretching. Then darken the whole sky a little (Duplicate layer, blend mode to Overlay, then layer mask to remove everything but sky, then lower opacity to 20% or so.) Finally removing the small fence posts (top right), and re-spotting image. Selective sharpen and back to Lightroom to print large on my Epson 3880. Hope you find this helpful.

Aug 30th


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September Desktop Wallpaper

September’s almost here and there are changes afoot. The website’s completely new and with those changes I wanted to give you something new for your desktop, something I’ve not shown anyone. So I revisited my images from the trip I took with Jessie, my Land Rover, last year. Oh those were fun times. You know, […]

Jul 20th


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July Desktop Wallpaper

The Singing Dunes, Mongolia, 2012 A little later than usual but I’ve given myself a little more freedom now since there’s no calendar on these things. Hope it’s worth the wait. An hour after I shot this, the photographer in this image walked up to me and apologized, telling me he thought he owed me […]

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