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Mar 9th


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The Created Image 2014


The Created Image conference went so well last year, we’re doing it again, and there’s room – after pre-sales to those who asked to be notified first – for about 10 more people.

These two intense days will change the way you make photographs. I’ve invited two close friends: National Geographic photographer and the only human being on the planet to be officially designated my Evil Twin, Ami Vitale will be speaking about the power of photography and visual story-telling and will kick off the conference with a keynote address before we all meet and greet over wine and cheese on Thursday evening, July 09. Piet van Den Eynde is coming from Belgium to lead 4 sessions about post-production, and I’ll be taking the other 4 sessions. Full curriculum descriptions can be found on the event page.

It’s going to be a small, intimate setting, with lots of chances to spend time with Ami, Piet, and I, and Vancouver’s a beautiful city so there’s plenty to explore in the early mornings and evenings with your camera. If you’re not looking to learn how to use the buttons and dials on your camera, but want to work on the stuff that makes us all the photographers we are, this is going to be an amazing couple of days. We’d love to see you here.

If you act before April 15, you can still get in on the Early Bird discount pricing, which will save you $100.

For more information on the Created Image 2014, or to register, visit the event page.

Anticipating the questions, yes, last year we filmed the presentations and we intend to do the same this year, to make at least some of the content available to those who can’t come, but there are no guarantees. Good chance you’ll be able to buy some of the sessions as downloadable content from Craft & Vision, but don’t let that stop you from coming.

Mar 4th


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Desperate Intention

I told her I had a few things left on my bucket list. She told me my life was a bucket list. I pulled my pen from my pocket, scribbled that down in my dog-eared little notebook. It seemed clever at the time. Like that one time when a friend told me she thought of […]

Mar 1st


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Fill Your Canvas

My mother and I on safari this January. Photographs by Cynthia Haynes. On Friday I re-posted Life is Short. The comments and the emails I’ve had since that original post have lit me on fire in a way I can’t describe, reminding me how deeply we can live when we get intentional about it. It […]

Feb 28th


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Life Is Short – A Re-Post

Several years ago this post (below) was deeply significant to me. It was an act of nailing my colours to the mast, and not long after I posted it, I began a trip that would change my life forever – selling most of what I owned, putting the rest into a tired Land Rover Defender, […]