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How’s Your Balance?

In Creativity and Inspiration, The Craft by David3 Comments

Ask a photographer about balance and tension in a photograph and they’ll look at you like you just asked them about the mathematics of hyperfocal distance. Actually, that’s unfair; I know a number of photographers who could speak at length about the latter. I know fewer who can speak about the former. But ask a painter or sculptor the same …

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In A Beautiful Anarchy, The Life Creative by David2 Comments

It’s easy to look at the creative life and chalk it all up to a matter of talent, but the most wildly creative and productive people have something better: hunger. Let’s talk about it. Listen now by playing the video below, or keep reading for a downloadable audio file or a transcript. This episode just over 14 minutes. I’ve decided …

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A Million to One?

In Pep Talks, The Craft, The Life Creative, Travel by David22 Comments

I got back from East Africa a week ago, my hard drives groaning with over 20,000 images. Of those only about 1500 were made during my week in Lalibela, Ethiopia. Now, I shouldn’t be doing math right now, I’m jet lagged and haven’t had my coffee, but there’s something instructive in these numbers, so stick with me. Don’t like math? …