Objects of Beauty, 5.

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Nikon D3s, Zeiss 50/1.4. Gitzo Ocean Traveler tripod. Heading off this morning with Emily (my Jeep) and my buddy Corwin for 3 days of adventure, working our way around some logging roads and offroad trails, basically looking to get into trouble, find something scenic to photograph, and unplug from the matrix. In the back, somewhere, will be a scarred Gitzo …

Objects of Beauty, 4.

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This is a rungu, an African war club, traditionally made of olive or acacia wood. It was given me by my village, Ongeli, in northern Kenya, but to get the full meaning of it, and therefore it’s full beauty, I need to tell the story. I was in northern Kenya on assignment for the BOMA Project, making portraits of people …

Objects of Beauty, 3

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Rimowa Topas Series, Aluminum German-made Rimowa suitcases are simply beautiful, particularly the aluminum Topas series, which has been in production since the 1950’s. Classic styling that is reminiscent of a more romantic age of travel, is perfectly matched by excellent craftsmanship and lightweight materials. I have two of these, one a larger suitcase and one, above, a cabin roller. They …

Objects of Beauty, 2.

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8 years of Moleskine Notebooks. Ruled. The Moleskine-style journal has been used by writers and thinkers and creative-types for a couple hundred years, and while the Italian company from which it now gets it’s popular name is relatively new, notebooks like this have been around for ages, and used by artists like Wilde, Hemingway, Van Gogh, Picasso, and Matisse, if …

Objects of Beauty, 1.

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Blundstone 063 boots, Sandstorm Safari Duffle This is the beginning of a new project for me. A friend once commented that we (I think he meant me) mark our lives by the things we acquire. I think that’s less true than that we have an interesting relationship to those things. They help tell our story. The boots above, for example, …

My Favourite Camera

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Images from Sweden and Italy, iPhone. 2012. In Switzerland recently I visited a high school with some really talented students and resourceful teachers. And there I had a chance to wear a giant cardboard pin-hole camera on my head. Seriously. And by head-mounted, I don’t mean it went on top of my head. My head went inside. There are no …

Leaving Venice

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The sun setting over Piazza San Marco, Venice. 2012 I dragged my bags across the cobbles of Venice just after 4am yesterday morning, the wheels bumping and echoing, exaggerating the surreal emptiness of the place. Just Venice and I, which is how goodbyes should be. Around the corner a taxi waited for me, a long, sleek wooden boat, the low …

Postcard From Venice

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Venice, Italy, 2012 Good morning from Venice. We’re now two days into this year’s Venice Within The Frame and it is so good to be back here. Venice is a mixed bag. People either love it or hate it. I both love it and hate it. I love the light, the architecture, the possibilities. I love the food, the wine, …

May Desktop Wallpaper

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A quick desktop wallpaper from last month’s trip to Sweden. This is a 2560 x 1600 wallpaper and will fit anything up to a 27? iMac or LED cinema display. Click it to open the full resolution file in a new window. Enjoy!