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Dec 21st


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Holiday Wishes

I love this time of year. I’m drinking hot-buttered rum while I write this. And on Monday we’re throwing our bags into the Jeep and heading to Whistler to quietly celebrate my birthday, and Christmas, next to a snow-covered lake under the shadow of mountains. It’s the perfect time of year to unplug from the matrix and connect, instead, with the people that matter most. Of course, that’s a tough line to draw in the snow because so many of the important people in our lives are those with whom we connect via the internet.

Thanks to all of you for being among those people. You’ve brought such good things into my life and the lives of the people who work with me. I hope this holiday, and the new year, brings beauty, love, and every truly good thing to you and the ones you love. I hope it brings you and I closer to doing the work we truly long for, and the freedom from last year’s fears, the ones that stopped us from fully hearing the muse, or taking the risks we knew in our hearts we needed to take. I hope it brings you the courage to say no to the things that suck your time and drain your soul. I hope it brings you surprise, wonder, laughter, and the strength to wipe the tears when things get harder than we ever imagine. I hope it brings you the capacity to be kind to yourself and to see yourself through the eyes and hearts of those who love you. And I hope it brings you wider eyes than you’ve ever had; new ways of seeing and experiencing this beautiful, too-short life.

Merry Christmas, friends.

Dec 16th


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Building SEVEN: The Mock-Up

On Friday I got my hands on the mock-up of the physical book that will this spring become SEVEN, my 160-page fine-art book. If you know me at all you know I’m not given to hiding my enthusiasm and I’m pretty sure I’ve been grinning about this all weekend. The cover is embossed, and a […]

Dec 12th


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Desktop Wallpapers – Antarctica

I know, it’s been a while. I hope it’s worth the wait. I stopped putting these out there because I felt I was on the edge of giving you stuff that’s already had so much exposure, or worse, of giving you photographs I wasn’t 100% happy with. Thanks for the patience. I shot these in […]