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In the wake of the pandemic I recently heard an artist express words I suspect many of us are thinking about making and sharing our art: what’s the point? These thoughts have been haunting me. What’s the point? We are. You are. Life itself is the point and we (and you!) need your art-making more than ever. Let’s talk about it.

If you’re going to listen to one episode of my podcast, please take the 10 minutes it’ll take to make it this one.

I’ve decided to begin posting my weekly podcast here to my blog, as well as the other platforms, just to make it easy to get to everything I make in one place. You can still get it at aBeautifulAnarchy.com or on iTunes, Spotify, and the usual other suspects.

You can also download the mp3 file here and you can read the transcript here.

One of the reasons I am doing this is there is no way to leave comments through the other platforms, but you can do so here. In the coming months I’ll be less and less on social media. It might be a permanent move away from the world of Facebook and Instagram, it might not, but I want to be sure I remain available and that our conversations continue.

Want to be told when new episodes are live and ready for you? I’ll send you a very brief email to let you know it’s there. I’ll also send you every issue of On The Make, which comes out every 4 weeks when the podcast isn’t airing. Just click here and let me know where to send it.


  1. I photograph the most important days of people’s lives and aim to product beautiful art doing so.. Suddenly, perspectives have changed and just every day survival has become priority.

    The important events, of people’s lives are “normal.” It is worth recognising that, in the midst of chaos, some normality is really soothing.

    “Beauty matters.” Thank you for this reminder and surely, people still want to see beauty, not ever losing sight of it.

  2. David , a friend in Toronto send me, What is the Point, A Beautiful Anarchy this morning..
    I listened and thught Well Done! then listened to two more of your Anarchy series. Then I thought, who is this person.?

    My thought was also, how have I lived in Vancouver and worked producing arts and artist’s for thirty years, so how have I not been aware of you talent and work before?
    So I checked out your Vision series and the books you have written and where you live.
    And my first feed back to you is, Bravo – for your entire body of work!!!

    Your presentation and point of view/s on artmaking and photography is compelling and honest.
    As a veteran of arts producing in the US, Canada and the UK , for decades, listening I felt we are sitting across the kitchen table have a worthwhile conversation…and I am compelled to continue to listen to you! That is amazing to have your listeners feel this way amongst all the other noise and clatter and worries going on.

    I have now subscribed to your series. Please next time you to do any talks or lectures in Vancouver, please let us know.
    Have you presented on Creative Mornings yet? The talks at SFU or UBC lately?

    – a couple of thoughts – Now that we are in this Pandemic era, the world is changing so quickly, how we make and present art is going to have change dramatically.
    In just the last week, I have so many emails for the Canada Council for the Arts, Creative BC, BCAC and other cultural funders that they are all reexamining the funding for 2020/2021 is “on hold” until they determine the social and economic impacts of the of the pandemic. Streaming is fine but for most those artists, free streaming does not pay the rent.

    There is an urgent need for an intelligent discourse on how this country views the importance art making, what changes are to come to respond to ensure our musicians, writers, actors, visual artists and all Creatives don’t end up on the extinct list.
    Thanks Dave – you are cooly-cool.
    C. Frances Lair

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