Too Late?

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If change is the one true constant in life and we’re subject to it as much as other things, why does it seem so hard to reinvent ourselves? Is it ever too late to evolve or start over, to move in new directions that are unexpected, to others, but often ourselves most of all? Let’s talk about it.

I’ve decided to begin posting my weekly podcast here to my blog, as well as the other platforms, just to make it easy to get to everything I make in one place. You can still get it at or on iTunes, Spotify, and the usual other suspects.

You can also download the mp3 file here and you can read the transcript here.

One of the reasons I am doing this is there is no way to leave comments through the other platforms, but you can do so here. In the coming months I’ll be less and less on social media. It might be a permanent move away from the world of Facebook and Instagram, it might not, but I want to be sure I remain available and that our conversations continue.

Want to be told when new episodes are live and ready for you? I’ll send you a very brief email to let you know it’s there. I’ll also send you every issue of On The Make, which comes out every 4 weeks when the podcast isn’t airing. Just click here and let me know where to send it.


  1. Hi David,

    Wow! I missed this episode and just had a listen to it now, the timing could not have been more on point. Listening to this podcast took a certain load off my shoulders. My career change toward humanitarian photography has the people closest to me worried and bewildered and some days I wonder if I should have just stayed put in a confortable job although it had become mundane. After all I am 53…too old to change? I felt it in my gut and I had to follow it, so David, Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!!!!!

    I really appreciate “A Beautiful Anarchy”, it’s always a good listen!

    PS: Also loved Episode 28, The Value of Doubt.

    1. Author

      Thanks so much for this, Mary-Ann. Always nice to know my words resonate in some way. Sounds like your comfortably job stopped being comfortable in the way you needed it to be. I’ve always found more true comfort doing things that challenge me and have the kind of meaning I’m hungry for. Sounds like you’re on the right track. Life is either a daring adventure or nothing, right? 🙂

      1. Definitely! And thanks again for all that you do, share and inspire 🙂

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