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Should You Specialize?

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In the long list of pieces of photographic advice that gets foisted on newer photographers by well-meaning and more experienced photographers is this: you’ve got to specialize. And, like all advice, my reaction tends to be, “Well, yes and no.” One-size-fits-all advice will be extraordinarily helpful to us the moment photographers (and people in general) come in one size. We do not. …

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The Unexpected Path to Everyday Creativity

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The Short Version: My two new books are out today and you can get more information and links to how to get your hands on paperback, PDF, or Kindle versions at The longer version below is more compelling, but it’s, well, longer. Keep reading. In bold, trendy font, the advert for some piece of computer equipment aimed at photographers …

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Without the Gargoyles

In A Beautiful Anarchy, Creativity and Inspiration, The Life Creative by David3 Comments

In the Middle Ages, churches placed gargoyles on their roofs to remind parishioners of the dangers that awaited them without the church, both then and into eternity. Literally hanging over their heads, the gargoyles kept the faithful, well, faithful, and warded off evil spirits. Most creatives I know, if not most human beings, have voices and negative people in their …

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The Same River Twice

In A Beautiful Anarchy, The Life Creative by David5 Comments

Everything changes, including we ourselves. Failure to recognize this essential impermanence, even to celebrate it, is a missed opportunity to live life as it is, not as we wish it could be, and to cope with change and uncertainty creatively rather than fearfully. Let’s talk about it. I’ve decided to begin posting my weekly podcast here to my blog, as …

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The Value of Doubt

In A Beautiful Anarchy, The Life Creative by David2 Comments

Doubt gets a bad rap but it has long been doubt and the willingness to live with uncertainty that has led to innovation and creativity. What would happen in our creative lives if we were more willing to look more carefully at our doubts and set aside the things we’re so sure of? Let’s talk about it. I’ve decided to …