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In A Beautiful Anarchy, The Life Creative by David2 Comments

It’s easy to look at the creative life and chalk it all up to a matter of talent, but the most wildly creative and productive people have something better: hunger. Let’s talk about it. Listen now by playing the video below, or keep reading for a downloadable audio file or a transcript. This episode just over 14 minutes. I’ve decided …

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A Million to One?

In Pep Talks, The Craft, The Life Creative, Travel by David22 Comments

I got back from East Africa a week ago, my hard drives groaning with over 20,000 images. Of those only about 1500 were made during my week in Lalibela, Ethiopia. Now, I shouldn’t be doing math right now, I’m jet lagged and haven’t had my coffee, but there’s something instructive in these numbers, so stick with me. Don’t like math? …

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Venice: Watermark

In The Craft, The Life Creative, Travel by David9 Comments

It’s way too early as I write this, the sun is hours from coming up. The darkness lingers longer these days in the northern hemisphere, making it even harder to kick the jet lag or get anything done. Even my coffee isn’t helping, though after a month away it’s comforting to have it beside me—my own coffee in my familiar …

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The Power of Impatience?

In The Craft, The Life Creative by David13 Comments

Walking the streets of Sienna under a full moon, the whole town under a shifting blanket of fog that seems to roll around on its own whims, I walk around a corner and the scene I photographed so unsuccessfully yesterday is now a canvas of pastel colours: lilacs and yellows and emergent pinks. I catch my breath and make a …