On Design Series: Repetition

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Remember the idea behind this? You want your stuff to look like CRAP – Contrast. Repetiton. Alignment. Proximity. Yesterday we talked about contrast, today I want to approach repetition.

Repetition of key elements adds interest and cohesion to a piece. It gives a piece consistency and that alone is a key step in getting your stuff a little closer to professional.

I had several things to say about repetition but at the last moment I found an article on Peachpit Press’ website that does a better job than I would have done – so I’m going to take the easy way out and refer you there. Think of it as a guest post by someone who knows her stuff better than I do. Plus, it’s longer and better illustrated than it would have been if I’d written this installment.

Liven Up Your Design Through Repetition – Robin Williams – Click HERE

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