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I’m really – REALLY – excited to announce that the new Craft & Vision website just went up. There will be a tweak here and there in the coming days but it’s live and functional and I think it’s going to make the process of buying and enjoying the Craft & Vision eBooks that much better. What does it mean to you?

A cleaner site with a little more ease of use, as well as a home for comments and reviews – In the past the only way to leave a review has been on my blog. You can now leave your reviews where they belong, and to encourage you to do so we’re giving away an iPad! Whether you read the PDFs or buy the Apps, Craft & Vision eBooks and the Apple iPad go together like Peanut Butter and Jelly, so we’re giving one away.

What we’re hoping for are some honest (hopefully honestly enthusiastic 🙂 ) reviews for the individual books. We aren’t looking for empty praise and we aren’t looking for anyone to pad the site with fluff. If you’ve bought the books, read them and love them, we welcome you to write a short review for the book. If you’ve read’em all, feel free to pick a couple favourites. If you’ve already left those comments on the blog here, feel free to copy and paste them onto the new site. We could do that but it kind of feels like it lacks integrity and would rather leave that up to you. Leave a review and you’ll have a chance to win. Leave a couple reviews, and you’ll have a couple chances to win. Note: This is something we’re doing as a service to future buyers, not to pad our egos, so if we feel you’re just dropping lame comments in order to win, we’ll pull the comments. Be enthusiastic, be honest, and don’t even think about being anonymous if you hope to win the iPad. 🙂

You’ll notice a couple other things too. We’ve added a link to buy all the books at once, and there will be a permanent 20% discount for those that do. Makes life easier, especially if you’re an affiliate referring people to the site for the first time. We’ve also added links to buy the iPad apps. Same price, same content, different format. And while we’re talking Apps, there is a free App coming that will function as a one-stop iPad shop for the books – download it once and you’ll be able to access the books easily, get some free wallpapers, and stay up to date on all things Craft & Vision.

When I began Craft & Vision a year ago I had no idea it would become what it has. And we’re only just beginning. It’s been an incredible ride. All along we’ve been grateful for your support and your feedback. Thank you so much. I do this, and now the rest of my team – Corwin, Justin, Sabrina, Susanna – do this, because we share your passion for photography and we believe we can create amazing resources to help you improve your craft without buying gear. And at $5 each they cost less than a Starbucks latte, last longer, and won’t make you gassy and bloated. They’ll also get you into great education resources with less ads, and leave you budget left over for that new piece of gear you’re going to buy anyways. 🙂

Thank you so much for being part of this. We’re releasing Eli Reinholdtsen’s book, Chasing Reflections, next week. I’ll be in Iceland at the time but the launch will go ahead as it always does, with discounts, on Thursday the 29th.

In the meantime, leave a review or two on the new Craft & Vision site, each book has a spot for reviews so put’em there. Be sure to leave your name and email. On August 31st we’ll randomly draw from all the reviews and send a 16GB WiFi iPad to one lucky winner. This is open to everyone, so international readers can finally get some loving!

See the new Craft&Vision website at it’s usual address on the internet – Special thanks to Stuart Sipahigil (@digitalstew) and his team at Outside Source Design for working with us on this.


  1. Thanks for your great work, David !
    Looking forward to the weekend when you will teach on CreativeLive. Hope I get a chance to ask some questions…
    Best regard / Peter

  2. I can honestly say that the Craft & Vision e-books are one of the top values for learning the art and craft of photography. I have my favorites (Drawing The Eye, Ten, Below The Horizon, Safari, etc.) and some don’t interest me (Vision in Motion) but there isn’t a single one that’s not worth getting. Whether you skip one latté per month and get one e-book at a time or whether you get them all at once and devour all the knowledge and inspiration in a weekend you’re sure to enjoy it and get your money’s worth.

  3. Author

    Thanks Kevin – Be sure to head over to the new site and leave a review or two – I am grateful for the comment here, and the kind words but I’d also love to throw your name in the hat – so head over to if you want in on the iPad draw. 🙂

  4. Nicely done! I wouldn’t have expected less. Yours is one of the few websites I regularly review. Thanks for being here.

  5. I am often overwhelmed by your commitment to everyone’s photographic journey and the amount you get accomplished both the writing,traveling and photographing and always keeping you sense of humor too. I wonder do you ever sleep. I too am consumed by photography or entwined .I am looking for the grace notes – the sense of wonder in our world. Capturing and interpreting our world photographically,I also travel to far off places to immerse myself in tribal cultures and their rituals and how they live and connect with eachother and the world.Your comments,these books on craft and vision are truly inspirational and at 5$ easy to purchase and learn from.As an artist I often work alone and I truly enjoy the creative interplay. Keep up the great work and thanks to you and the team.

  6. I have purchased several of the books including Ten and Ten More and they are great books. I have really enjoyed the creative exercises. I have shared the books with my fellow camera club members and I know that some have purchased the books on my recommendation. PDF books are the way of the future and the price is right. Keep the books coming. While not all the book subjects of are interest to me, I know that some future books will undoubtedly further spark my photographic adventures!

  7. books are stimulating, PAYPAL is not. Understand many use, but have had problems with the dictatorship, why make it the rule?

  8. Author

    @terrigold and others – thank you! 🙂

    @rdswinford – I know Paypal isn’t ideal but to be honest it’s the broadest standard. One day we’ll look into other methods of payment, but until then we’re using Paypal. Some days it feels like a deal with the devil, but it’s our best option right now. Sorry if it doesn’t work for you.

  9. The new site looks great.

    The first time I clicked the link above it launched the old site. A browser refresh launched a skewed/half-loaded page… third time lucky.

    Thanks David.

  10. David the site looks fantastic. The store is great and easy to use and review the ebooks. If I had a suggestion it would be that your portfolio in no iPad viewable on the iPad. :).

    Great job and I purchased 4 books last week and they are excellent.

  11. The new site looks very good and feels a bit more current in design trends – although I thought the last one was a very clean design too.

    Very pleased to hear this has been successful enough to continue perusing. I’m a big supporter of your style and the topics you choose to write about.

  12. I am not a fan of peanut butter and jelly to be honest, but I am a fan of your eBooks. Will be heading over there to drop in a review, or two.

  13. Author

    Thank you, all. Kind of you to say. Glad you’re pleased with it.

    Lee, my portfolio is in desperate need of updating, and that includes the platform on which it runs, which is currently Flash. I’m on it, just moving really slowly. 🙂

  14. Great news for some great reading. I just discovered the collection and Iam hooked. And not just David’s books. I got to read Corwin Hiebert tips for photographers on marketing strategies and I can only recomend it. In fact I can only praise the two books I read up to now. But I want to read more.

    The site looks nice, now you just need to have two more books to fill the last line. And more and more lines in the future.

  15. Great new look and design David! I really like how you’ve brought this into being without the feel that you are flogging just another book to pad your wallet. I know that 1.2 glass isn’t cheep, but you are taking a wonderful open source tack that I just love. And for what it’s worth, it seems to me you have 1.2 content at 1.8 prices, if you get my drift. Required reading for photography schools IMHO.

  16. Great work on the new site. Congrats to you and your team. I’ve ordered and read *most* of these and I’ll be happy to add my 2 cents to the mix – iPad or no iPad.

  17. Thanks, I’ll check it out. I’m sure I’ll find something good. I do have a few of your eBooks … good reads, although not my kind of photography (I shoot LF only).

    However, not interested in the iPad … Windows only at my house. Also, film only (no digital).

  18. I love your books – I started with Within the Frame, and then to VisionMongers – I devour what you write, and the best thing is rereading it – you catch things you may have missed the first time. I have read Within the Frame at least 5 times. I love that many of your quotes in your book obviously apply to photography, but are applicable to many life situations. My father in law, sister, and brother died last year, and photography was my lifeline – I was able to focus a lot of emotions into my art. And reading your books gave me some great insight – hope you don’t mind but I’ve quoted you on my FB page! I try to get all my friends to buy your books – they are great!

  19. Just picked up “Within the frame,” have enjoyed Ten & the follow up to Ten (drawing a blank on the title). The site looks great! I look forward to reading more of your ebooks on an iPad eventually… I am enjoying the CreativeLive workshop right now.

  20. love the look of the new site david, now I have a reason to read books on my iPad! i will be sure to refer your site to my fellow photographer mates.

  21. Yeah! I can download the books to my iPad so I can actually buy them in Ukraine!!! I’m so excited! But, honestly, they are so good, and I take a lot of time to read them and actually do the exercises…that I think maybe you write these books faster than I get through them! 😉 🙂 🙂

  22. I think the Craft & Vision site is fantastic. There was a comment about it being too grey, but it’s very neutral and not distracting. It’s very clean, and only has things that are necessary. Everything is easy to find. It feels fresh to me.

  23. I loved your creativeLIVE workshop so much that I not only bought five books, but blogged about it and added you to my RSS feed and blogroll. Serious crush over here 😉

    I’ll definitely be leaving reviews over at the site.

  24. David, The Craft and Vision website is great! The design makes you want to buy the products. Looking forward to purchasing a few pdf books very soon. Keep up the good work.

  25. I am not happy with the product. I thought there would be more examples and explanations on how to enhance photographs. Your words of wisdom are good but I wish it was explained clearer.
    Very Unhappy.

  26. @John C

    I’m surprised you didn’t like the book. My passion, and style of photography is very different from that which David teaches – I love film, I love large format, I hate digital – but I’ve always found there is a ‘nugget’ to be found if you look for it.

  27. @John. C – sincerely sorry you’re unhappy, though I’m not sure which book you’re unhappy with I also know that of all the copies we sell there are bound to be a few folks that will choose to spend their $5 differently. I believe we put much more than $5 of ad-free content into each of these, sorry you feel you got nothing out of it.

  28. Hi,
    I will end it here bought 9 books. There are a lot of pictures which is great if they were teaching you something other then thoughts and opinions. In all nine books there are very few examples. From what I read before I purchased these books I thought they would be more like a tutorial. There is more then $5 of ad free content in what I purchased but not worth the total I paid. I am just sad that Photography BB is the one that had the ad and after looking at there link it looks like they make money on referring your ebook
    Thank You.

  29. hey david, i have the craft & vision app for the ipad and i noticed that it appears as one of those apps where you can drag files to the app (via itunes); any specific reason why this is there? just curious…


  30. Great job with the new site. Just bought seven carefully selected titles. I like the reviews for each book which give me a feel for what level the book is written at and if it’s the right place for me to start.

  31. Well purchased all the eBooks now, have no favorites, other then the one I happen to be reading at any moment. Well written, easy to understand, all of the Craft and Vision books should be a must have for any photographer!

    Now please get back to writing.. I got another $5 burning a hole in my pocket 🙂

  32. I,m new to photography, so thought i would buy a great camera, the widest angle lens, the longest zoom and the biggest camera bag and i would start to take the greatest shots ever seen……Wrong. You need help. Doesnt have to be in a classroom or taking an expensive course online. Craft and Vision has become my classroom and teacher and the Ebooks my text books. I,m now able to, at times put my camera in manual mode, I,m now beggining to understand composition and every now and then i,m taking a shot that i,m proud of. I,m under no illusions now and i know i have to work my way up, but i have the tools and they are all in the Craft and Vision site and books.

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