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Mara Impressions I

Mara Impressions I, Kenya, 2012.
Click it to see it larger as the smaller image really does it no justice.

I made this in the Maasai Mara, still under the spell of my friend Wendy’s expressionist / abstract work. What struck me most about her work is the effect of motion and light to create new lines, almost brush strokes, through the use of longer exposures and intentional movement. Below you can see a close-up of those brush-like lines, points of light shining through leaves in the trees becoming parabolic arcs, and harder lines, like the trunk of the acacias, gaining a softer ghosting. I’ve long wanted to gain, in my photographs, the feeling and mood present in the paintings of Canadian expressionists that worked as the so-called Group of Seven. These latest efforts, including my Gobi Impressions series from Mongolia are the result of that ongoing desire and experimentation.

Mara Impressions I, Detail
Nikon D3s, 16mm, 1/5s @ f/22.

Want to look at this even bigger? Feel free to download the desktop wallpaper HERE. Want to see this tree in person? Join us on the Maasai Mara this January. Details HERE.


Faking It.

Ice Abstract, Peggy’s Cove, NS. 2012. Every artist I know, particularly those who feel uncomfortable calling themselves artists, feels like they’re faking it. In those moments when I’m totally transparent and feeling brave,  I’ll tell you it’s one of the two fears with which I wrestle daily – the first that one day I’ll wake […]

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