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Apr 14th


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The Visual Imagination



A couple years ago I sat in a wheelchair in front of a painting, a piece from one of Canada’s Group of Seven, a landscape from the northern shore of Lake Superior. I could feel the temperature of the wind on my skin, I could recall the acidic smell of soil rich with pine needles, even feel the sun on my face. It was a turning point for me. I left wondering what I could do to create that kind of experience in my own photographs. That was the start of a journey I’m still enjoying, and a renewal of some of my passion for creative photographic expression that’s unbound by the need for perfection but driven by a desire to more deeply feel my work.

Our cameras do amazing things, but since the beginnings of this craft, we’ve leaned heavily towards illustrative and literal interpretations of the world around us. Our cameras are capable of so much more, and freed from the need to be so literal, they can create photographs that are beautifully expressive. The Visual Imagination, Ideas & Techniques for Creative Photographic Expression is about that expression, and we’re releasing it today.

Whether you want to make abstract or impressionist photographs or just need a bit of a break, I wrote this eBook to help you explore the possibilities of the camera when we allow ourselves to slip out from under the thumb of the rules and the constraining ideals of so-called technical perfection. It wasn’t that long ago that painters freed themselves from a similar constraint and gave us the gift of Impressionism and the subsequent movements.

If you’re not sure this kind of thing is for you, this short article about three ways abstract and impressionist photography can make you a better photographer might help.

A downloadable PDF, published by Craft & Vision, The Visual Imagination is 65 spreads of techniques and ideas that explore intentional camera movement, subject movement, and abstraction through various means. Accompanied by case studies of photographers like John Paul Caponigro and others, that’ll inspire you to move past the so-called rules, I’m hoping this book gives you new freedom to express yourself – even if that’s through work that’s usually more literal – by understanding the tools of your craft as tools of creative possibility, not just technical instruments.

Save 25% – Purchase The Visual Imagination  before 11:59PM (PST) on April 21/2014, using the discount code EXPRESS25 and it’s yours for only $7.50

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Impressions & Abstracts

Next week we’re releasing my next eBook –  The Visual Imagination, a book about creative techniques and ideas that focuses mostly on impressionism and abstraction. Yesterday I was doing a pre-release podcast interviews, talking to Ibarionex Perello, the amazing voice and mind of The Candid Frame, and he asked me the one question I’m so […]

Jan 30th


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In the Zone

In my last posts I talked about my reactions to working with both my Fuji XE-1 and Leica M, and I mentioned zone focusing. For those for whom the idea of zone focusing is new I wanted to explain it a little. It’s an old technique but it’s simple and reliable. My biggest concern with […]

Dec 16th


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Pushing Light

One of the big challenges of working with light is the contrast between light and dark and the ability of film or sensors to capture that full range. The camera just doesn’t see the way we do sometimes. PUSHING LIGHT is a 112-page discussion of this problem and the various solutions to it. These days […]

Nov 30th


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On Luck & Trenches

There’s a terrific recording of an excerpt from an interview with photographer Robert Capa (1913-1954) making the rounds right now. In it he describes the making of one of his most iconic photographs (above) and the role of luck in its creation. Capa says he raised the camera as the soldiers were climbing out of […]

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