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Oct 3rd


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Five Minutes, Ten Stops


Lake Laberge, YT, 2012.

Apart from a difference in timing, these two images might have been identical. What separates them, in terms of their aesthetic, is a difference in five minutes, and ten f/stops. The second image was made just five minutes after the first frame, but with the addition of the Lee Big Stopper, a 10-stop ND filter that took my exposure from 1/5s to 30s, registering the blues differently, and blurring the sky and the water. I could make the colour balance on both images a little closer, but I’ve done very little to these images in Lightroom to keep the illustration as helpful as possible and avoid a discussion about post-processing. While one is not better per se, than the other, the mood is very different from one to the other, and so will be the experience of the person reading your photograph.

Lake of Circles, Post-processing.

Here’s one of my favourite images from the trip up to the arctic last month, and a quick walk-through on the post-processing. In Vision & Voice I explain what I call the vision-driven workflow, and there are 4 steps: Identify Intent, Minimize Distractions, Maximize Mood, and Direct the Eye. Identifying the intent here was simply […]

Aug 31st


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Cape Kiwanda Post-Production

On Wednesday I was digging around the archives, looking for something new for this month’s desktop wallpaper when I found an image I forgot I had. This is Cape Kiwanda, near Pacific City, Oregon. I did about 10 minutes of post-production on it in Lightroom 3 as one last hurrah before moving to Lightroom 4. […]

Why I Print

Monument Valley, 2011 With the advent of digital photography, and even more importantly, the internet, our ability to share and experience photographs has changed dramatically. The wet darkroom, once so necessary for creating prints we could touch and feel, is much less common than it once was, and if I were a betting man I’d […]

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