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PODCAST: My Process – NYC Busker

While in New York I went out with a brand new 24/3.5 Tilt/Shift lens to see what kind of damage I could do. I’m preparing to take this lens as one of my primary lenses for the Iceland trip and wanted to start the learning curve now. I had some fun photographing this busker in Central Park and thought I’d share my process with you through a video podcast.

In the video linked below I show you every one of the 49 frames I shot in the series with nothing deleted, and discuss the why and how of getting where I did. If seeing the crap is helpful, that’s in there too. :-)

This is a long and rambling video in the spirit of the Within The Frame Podcast series (and by “long and rambling” I mean just under 20 minutes of bandwidth-sucking viewing pleasure. Enjoy!) Click the screenshot below and it’ll take you to Vimeo so y’all don’t crash my puny little servers.

Comments? Questions? Feel free to have some discussion on this. I’m around all week and rather than a tonne of posts I’ll be hanging out, working, and checking in here to have some good ol’fashionned conversation.

Mar 3rd


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